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stripped hex planner blade

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  • stripped hex planner blade

    Any help on this one would be great. I have a Delta 12" Planner and while changing the blades today, one bolt on each blade stripped. Not the treads but the hex hole. It's a rounded head so no with the visegrips. I tried cutting a slot and using a flat blade screwdrive and that didnt work. I remember someone saying they got sparks loosing theirs (mine too), so are they really suppose to be that tight? I don't think I put too much torque while putting in the last blades. So I know I'm not the first to stip one out. Any ideas?

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    Re: stripped hex planner blade

    sears and maybe HD have screw ectractor kits we used to call "easy outs". a small hole is drilled in the head of the offending screw to receive the tip of the screw extractor. since the tip is reverse threaded, as the extractor is turned counterclockwise, the threads on the extractor bite into the screwhead and unscrew the offending screw/bolt. hope this help. good luck.
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