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  • seekingjointeradvice

    Here is yet another question to all of you experts asking about which jointer to buy for small budgets. I have the ridgid planer, enjoy it as long as blades are sharp and rollers have been cleaned. I am ready for the jointer, been saving for months, and would like any advice anyone can offer. I can't find flaws in the ridgid shop tools, they seem to be made with good hardware and adjustments are accurate but everyone want to swear by delta. They just seem very similar to me.

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    I would look at the Ridgid JP610. The set up was easy.
    Andy B.


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      I have the Ridgid JP610 , have had it for some time now and have no complaints with it .
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        Delta makes two 6" jointers. The 37-275x is a really nice machine @ ~ $580. The JT360 is priced about the same as the Ridgid, and is not quite in the same league only has a 3/4hp motor, has a weaker fence support brace, and has a less substantial base.


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          Ridgid has a pretty nice jointer---bed is 2-3" lower than the average jointer, which may or may not be an issue for you---other than dealing with hot and cold Ridgid customer service, it's a nice tool.

          I've owned both the open stand and closed stand Deltas----the open stand (I built my own DC chute/collection) was great on collection of chips and the set up of beds and fence were OK and with practice, you got nice results.

          The closed stand has longer beds and higher fence and is fairly easy to get right-on accurate---it's DC/chip ejection is pretty poor requiring that you have a DC on all the time or the chips get jammed. The large rack and pinion gear for the fence movement is a bit of an overkill and takes up room.

          I'd also look seriously at the General and Bridgewood jointers.