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JP0610 for $150

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  • JP0610 for $150

    Holy square edges Batman, how did I ever live without a jointer?

    Picked up a JP0610 on clearance (one of the old style) for $150. SWEEEEEEET!

    IMHO if you don't have a jointer, go searh every shelf in every HD to see if one of these guys is still available. Of course the easy start is to ask someone to check stock on SKU# 825-665 and verify the price. If you are lucky they will have one listed, if not search all of the shelves and see if they have one misplaced and forgotten.

    This thing is awesome and for only $150 about the best deal possible on any piece of woodworking machinery.

    SWEEEEET! (oh did I say that out loud? sorry)

    <laughing and grinning>

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    Gotta agree with you 100%. $150 is about 1/2 the price of a very good and similar Grizzly jointer without s/h. You stole it! (Confession is Saturday @ 4pm...)


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      There is just something internally disturbing when you think you got a good deal two years ago and then someone comes along and tells you that you paid 140% more than they did for the same item. Congrats on a fantastic score.



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        Hey there are diamonds still to be found, just not so many in Tulsa !

        Here are the SKU numbers for more deals, I don't know if they are accurate. I would go to every nearby HD anyway and look everywhere.

        Jointer $149 Sku 825-665

        Drill Press $114 Sku 300-864

        Osc. Spindle Sander $99 Sku 431-108

        Bandsaw $149 Sku 306-116

        13" Planer $149 Sku 787-659

        Wood Lathe $77 Sku 299-344

        Hercu Lift+ $44 Sku 352-522

        Universal Tool Stand $30 Sku 362-530

        TS3612 Tablesaw for $194. Sku 306-360

        Radial Armsaw,for ??$ Sku is 699-941

        Good luck hunting!

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