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  • Drill Press Table

    The latest piece of equipment has been acquired for the shop; a Delta drill press. So I am interested to see what drill press table plans you have found that you particularly liked. What are features and functions that a drill press table "must" have for woodworkers?


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    Re: Drill Press Table


    I have a Rockler table kit that I added to my Ridgid 1550. I'm overwhelmed with house rennovation projects and therefore have very little spare time to devote to stuff for the shop; so for me, the best choice was to purchase. Therefore, the Rockler table ( offered a good choice for me.

    So, with my experience from the Rockler table, you'll want a decent fence, that is easily adjustable and with enough clearance for the column elevation handle, as well as the quill feed handles. I'd also appreciate some type of linear measurement on adjusting the fence forward and back from the centerpoint, but that's not on the Rockler. I use a template to put reference marks on the replaceable backing block.

    For woodworking, you'll also want some kind of backing block to prevent tear-out when you bore a through-hole.

    Also, some method of hold-down is nice. With the Rockler, there is two T-slots running on the left and right side of the table and running front to back. They have an optional T-bolt, knob and aluminum hold-down bar. I purchased these separately, but then discovered that they included them as part of the table mounting kit. In that application, they're supposed to be used under the table to clamp the table to the drill-presses' cast iron table. I opted to design my own mounting system and now use those clamps in another application.

    Lastly, I've found that having adustable stop blocks mounted to my fence is very handle for those multiple parts one might have to make. There are T-slots provided on the Rockler fence and with a couple of T-bolts and knobs, the "stops" are easily made from the scrap box.

    That's about it for the moment. I'm sure I'll think of something else as soon as I post this.



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      Re: Drill Press Table

      Originally I planned to build one using one of the existing plans on the net; however, saw one at HF for $29, that looked OK, and I thought at least I can have a table now instead of adding it to my long list of things to do. So far I have been pleased with it. It does what I need for it to do.


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        Re: Drill Press Table

        Thanks much for your insights! I went to Rockler and found that their table including their 4 piece accessory kit is marked down to only $99. Since I had a credit for some returns, I decided to go that route too. I suspect that I'd have had a hard time buying the materials for the cost!