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Grizzly v.s. Yorkcraft Equipment

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  • Grizzly v.s. Yorkcraft Equipment

    I am looking at buying a 15" planer & a 8" joiner. I am comparing Grizzly to Yorkcraft(Wilke Machinery).


    G1021 15" planer with open stand: $725.00
    G1018HW 8" X 65" joiner $675.00


    YC-15P 15"planer with closed stand $699
    YC-8P 8" X 72" joiner $649.00

    Does anyone either own or have any comments about the above listed equipment? I am just getting started in woodworking, but don't see that I should waste my money buying a 6" joiner & portable planer and then in 6 months or a year want to upgrade.

    I currently own a 15 year old Craftsman table saw with a new Ridgid fence, a Craftsman band saw, a Ridgid RAS and smaller power tools.

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    LB -

    It is my understanding of the Wilke line that the Bridgewood is the 'Professional' line and the Yorkcraft is the 'Hobbiest' line. The Yorkcraft will probably serve you well for a lot of years.



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      I know that the Grizzly line will serve you well for a number of years. I have several pieces of Grizzly equipment & I have a friend that has Grizzly equipment also.

      Go here & read some tool reviews by a wood working pro, also look around his web site & see the kind of work he does with Grizzly tools & E-mail him if you like.


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        I certainly wouldn't want to hold you back from getting the best tools you can afford, but I have never wished I had a wider planer than my 12 inch portable. I rarely get a premium board that is wider than my 6 inch jointer, although I could see the advantage of a bigger one. But if you are going down the path I went (with my Craftsman RAS, same as Ridgid, and my Ridgid table saw, same as Craftsman, etc.), I would put a wide sander on the list - the Performax 16-32 that I recently got has proved priceless.

        For an idea of what I do with similar tools, look at


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          My 2 cents on this is probably worth more like one cent but I second CharlieP's mention of the drum sander (Performax 16-32). I do not have a drum sander nor am I close to getting one but it is high on my list (I have used one). I recently had some trouble with some cherry boards and consulted with a very knowlegable retired WW. We used his performax to fix the problems and he explained the ends and outs of planing and sanding on various grain patterns. After seeing the drum sander in action and talking to others who own one it is very very high on my list. The old WW who helped me values his drum sander at or above his planer. Given, the drum sander is slower at material removal and it is hard to get by without a planer but the sander can be used for more jobs than the planer.

          I can't say what is right for your shop but Grizzley does have a 16" at the same price point as the 16" performax. The performax is highly praised. Just thought I would add a comment for your consideration.