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    Well, I've done my research and decided on a DP1550. I've finally saved up enough to make the purchase but was wondering:
    1 - if Home Depot ever has any sales on Ridgid tools. I've talked to people at the HD here and no one knows for sure,
    2 - does Ridgid do any special promotions at woodworking shows. There's a big one coming up in a couple of weeks.

    Not trying to be cheap but it took me a while to save this much and I just want to maximize my investment.

    Thanks, Mark

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    Mark, Check several diff. H.D. stores on the web and see if they are cheaper. Sometimes one will have a sale price listed. If you find one just print the page and take it to your store and they will honor the price. Good Luck Dan
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      I have heard a few people talking about the home depot web site and how different stores have different prices and to compare.

      I am getting ready to purchase a 3612 and was going to check the site and compare. I cannot find any prices on the 3612 on the HD web site.

      Please point me in the right direction.


      -Peter W. Lent<BR>PMi Solutions<BR>


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        I questioned the Ridgid Rep and the Home Depot Manager last summer when Ridgid did a demo of tools about why the prices of Ridgid's machinery is not on the web site. The answer I got was that different locations accross the country have different prices.
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          I have my fair share of Ridgid Tools and decided to add the RAS to my collection. When I went to HD to pick one up, I got a crazy little thought and asked to see the store manager. Told him I was a regular customer and was wondering if he could cut me a little slack on the RAS. Long story short - he took 10% off the top and even helped me load the sucker. At the time there were no sales or markdowns going on. Guess it never hurts to ask. Hope this will work for you as well.