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  • Ridgid/OWT

    I was reading some earlier postings on here and got the impression that Ridgid had merged its tool section with another company. Is this true?? I saw the initials OWT mentioned. Can someone fill me in please, as I am new to this forum. Thanks
    Mike P

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    If you look at the "Lifetime Warranty" that is available through year's end, you'll see that OWT is One World Technologies (which is the same company that produces Ryobi) and that the Ridgid name has been licensed to them for production of the new line of Ridgid tools.

    Initially, I didn't think this was such a bad thing, especially if I could get a "Lifetime Warranty". But think about it, what good is a lifetime warranty if the company is no longer around in 5-10 years? At least with one of the other "Big Brands" and a shorter warranty, you know that they'll be around and that they will still have parts! Many of the Powermatic table saws haven't changed in ages- there's something very powerful about that.

    I'm frustrated that the moderator of this forum doesn't address these issues.


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      Many of the Powermatic table saws haven't changed in ages

      Funny you use Powermatic as an example, since a couple years ago they shut down operations, and would likely be gone today if WMH hadn't purchased them.

      What is it they say? "Nothing in life is certain, except death and taxes". I hear for some corporations, even taxes aren't that certain...