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Router destruction and running 18V tools

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  • Router destruction and running 18V tools

    Anyone got any advice on my thoughts?:

    I have a beast of a 240V router. It's a "Ryobi quality" device, almost certainly an TTI product. I got it in the UK, it weighs about 8lbs, and is generally useless as a plunge router because it is a) stupidly heavy and b) it has a plunge spring that would keep a concrete blast door open. It takes so much force to depress it that there is no control worth speaking of. It is however a very powerful router.

    So my plan is to a) mount it in a router table on the end of my TS3660, and b) rig up a lift control using an 18V drill and leadscrew. My issues are:

    1. To remove the plunge spring would appear to necessitate either a) defeating the motor/body seal (which doesn't seem possible without excessive force) or b) destroying the pressed steel cap on the end of the plunge rod at the base that retains the screw.

    2. The drill I have in mind is again a UK sourced 18V cordless drill. I have three of them, but one has lost its fine trigger control and is essentially an on/off control now. This is ideal for what I want. On/off. My issue is powering it. I don't really want to use cordless batteries, but I do have a "dumb" 110V 18V charger. I was thinking of directly wiring the output of the charger to the input of the drill.

    I think I may have two issues here. Does the "dumb as $hit" Ryobi 18V charger have any electronics in it that would cut out the DC supply when it thinks the battery is charged? (I think not). Secondly, would the charger be able to supply enough current to run the drill under moderate load (ie lifting the router)?

    If I leave the spring in the router, it would provide some "backpressure" against the drill, but I fear the current required to overcome this in the upward direction will defeat the supply.

    Of course destroying the steel cap that holds the spring is a one way operation

    Any help/advice most welcome!

    Thanks in advance