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    I want to know it the dust collector attachment for the ridgid tablesaw is worth the $25 asking price. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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    It would probably depend on what you are using for a dust collector. The Ridgid DC connector is designed for a 2.5" shop vac hose. I use a Jet 1100CFM DC, and I have the connector. My experience is that a DC is more volume as where a shop vac is more velocity. With my DC I have to use a reducer to connect, and it tends to clog alot. I think that if you have a shop vac it is ok, but if you have a true DC, than I would look at the aftermarket contractor saw DC connectors that have the 4" connector.

    Jake, and chance that Ridgid can make one with a 4" connector?

    -Rob<br /> <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a> <br />Damn, I hit the wrong nail again. Ouch that hurts


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      I hate to snitch $25 out of anyone's pocket, but I made my own. Like Rob, I'm using a Jet DC1100. I had a spare accessory attachment (looks a lot like the attachment on a jointer), cut a piece of Masonite to fit in the saw, drilled about a dozen holes to the saw cabinet, and screwed it on.

      If I had to go out and buy all those parts, would have cost about eight bucks, and I would have had Masonite left over for the next odd job.

      (Vac is more pressure, DC more volume)


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        Hey Guys I have a question for you. Currently I have a shop vac hooked up to a clear PVC system from Shop Vac with about 25 feet of hose. I was dissappointed with the performance so I ordered a PSI dust collector that has 850 cfm. I believe it has a max pressure of 9.5" of water.

        Will this dust collector perform well with the existing 2" system I have in my shop? The vac system worked ok, but was lacking in pickup power. I think the shop vac is rated for 10" of water and a max flow of 250 cfm.


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          Sorry. The shop vac has 185 cfm and max pressure of 64".

          Thanks for the comments.



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            I doubt it, but it is worth a shot. The static pressure is what will kill you. It will be kind of like breathing through a soda straw.

            Everyone has different expectations from a dust collector, so what pleases me might leave you unsatisfied.