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BS1400 Bandsaw vibration

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  • BS1400 Bandsaw vibration


    I just purchased a BS 1400 bandsaw and am really surprised at how much vibration there is during operation (yes I checked the belt tension per the manual). I have never owned a bandsaw they all vibrate?



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    Joe G,

    You might want to do a search on the BS14000 and review the posts you find.

    The vibration issues with this bandsaw were covered pretty extensively and some may not want to re-post since some of the information was very lengthy.

    Hope this helps.


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      Most bandsaws as I understand it do have some vibration.



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        In short:

        Puting the palm of your hand on the table of the band saw while running, you should feel the electric motor running; be able to tell it's running. If you lay a 1" square, 1/2" thick piece of any type of wood on the table and it dances around and goes off the table, that is unacceptable.

        The nickle test on a band saw is reserved for those over a minimum of 350 lbs., and a blade with the jointing weld perfect. Centrifigaul force in itself with a band saw will cause torque, and a weak leg set combined with that will show vibration.

        As a rule, use the palm of hand test, and piece of wood. Any vibration greater than that, and you have adjustments to make, or flywheels or pullys are out of balance. Or even a bent or miss milled shaft.

        Disconnect the power cord, open both flywheel doors and spin the flywheels by finger tip. Eye the pullys and flywheels. Eye the belt for truenesss. Check the bevels of the belt for defects. Belts with defects can transpose vibration magnified through the drive train. And intensified through weak leg sets. (non cabenit based units)
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