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Squeaky fence on TS3660

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  • Squeaky fence on TS3660

    i am assembling my new 3660 and have gotten as far as installing the rails and checking the height on the fence. the fence isn't real easy to move and squeaks a bit when i do. is it ok to wax the rails, and is this something that will get the job done?

    i still don't know if I've got the herculift installed correctly but its good enough to roll around enough for now. It seems that the wheels get all discombobulated and i play hell getting it to roll smoothly.

    I know that these questions have probably already been addressed and would appreciate someone directing me to a previous thread. I've already checked the tS3660 Assembly problem thread and didn't find any advice that would help.

    thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Re: Squeaky fence on TS3660

    For squeaky fence, wax the rails. Common problem and this has been the universal fix.

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      Re: Squeaky fence on TS3660

      thanks much


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        Re: Squeaky fence on TS3660

        I had the same thing happen to me, and as I recall, I just made sure as I tightened the bolts for the track, I put some upward pressure on the track as I tightened it. This took care of the situation for me. When the track is as high as it can be, the fence does not rub as it is used across its range of motion. I hope that helps and you are right, there are older posts on this subject, some with more sophisticated answers than mine.