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  • Air filteration

    Has any one used the Jet AFS 1000B air filteration system in ther wood shop? It so how does it do for you?

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    I've had one in my shop for quite awhile now and it does a great job of filtering. I used to have a coating of fine sawsust all over everything in the shop. Once I got the Jet I noticed an immediate improvement, that film of sawdust has all but disappeared. I've found that setting the unit on low and running it for two hours after I leave the shop really helps improve the overall filtration process. When I got my unit I also bought the after market metal framed washable electrostatic filters and I've more that saved what they cost by not having to purchase disposable paper filters. Overall, I'm very happy with this unit and so are my lungs.
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      Tks, am buying it for my shop- 15x20 it should do the job!


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        I have that one in my shop and have it for three years it works good.Mikie


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          Have used that model for a couple of years now in my 14'x24' shop with no complaints. I did attach brackets which allow me to place another filter on the unit. I have also noticed the filter on my window a/c stays much cleaner longer.


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            I bought it an it is doing very well in my shop!!