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  • Spacer bar question

    Hello everyone,

    Finally getting to setup the TS3612 after doing a lot of prep work in the shop... Everything is going smoothly (Herc-U-lift was...interesting!) but I have a question on the spacer bar.

    (FYI: I needed just 2 shims in the back right wing to tie the rear guard).

    I go to install the spacer bar and I'm following the directions to move the spacer bar all the way against the wing, I look if I need a shim (one is needed).

    I put one shim in and the spacer bar is nice and snug but as soon as I start turning set screws, the spacer bar spreads the guide bars ever so slightly so that now the shim is loose and it looks like it adds space for 1 or 2 more shims.

    Should I worry about this? Am I neetpicking? Am I not understading the directions clearly enough? (I did double check that the locking plate assembly was in the right direction).



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    Do you have the spacer bar hold dows facing the right direction in the slots. It would be easy to get them facing backwards. Mine tightened down just fine, so I'm thinking that may be your problem.


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      Yeah, I tripled check that and I even tried the 'opposite' way to see what the effect would be. I'm inserting it according to the manual:

      \ /



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        Figured it out...One of the assembly plates was a little flater than the other and was probably pushing things out when tightened.

        I bent it back to match the other one's angle and I was able to tighten the spacer bar without it pushing the guides out...

        Just made my first cut...smooth as butter (and so silent compared to my friends $99 direct drive TS!!!).

        Thanks for your help,