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  • Privilege hardwood flooring

    To all,

    I was doing my weekly walk through the local HD today and some flooring caught my eye. The manufacturer is labeled is Privilege flooring, made in Canada. Anyone ever hear of them? I asked the person working at HD and they said it was a special purchase for temporary sale, very aggressively priced Ash with a capp stain.

    In the last 6 months I have learned to stay away mostly from their flooring but I have to admit this stuff looked pretty good, strait, no flaws and even the packaging was in great shape. I am very tempted to get it.

    I am going to run it by a pro installer since I will probably pay him to install whatever flooring I get.

    Has anyone heard of this Privilege flooring, honestly it look like Dubea flooring to me.

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    Re: Privilege hardwood flooring

    This is maybe not exactly what you look after but this information might help you.
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