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  • Need TS fence

    I have an older craftsman 10in table saw. I like the saw but the fence is horrible. Is there a ridgid TS fence that will fit it???

    I was thing of the AC1026 or something similar. Anyone have a used one?

    Thank you,


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    I was in the same boat. I was quite happy with my craftsman saw, but the fence is another story. I added a HTC-800 fence to my saw and I love it! I have quite a bit more detail here.

    Table Saw Fence Upgrade Project

    Let me know if you have any questions about the fence.


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      Is this cool or what? Two 1st time poster, one with a very good question and the other with an equally fine answer. We sure could use more like you guys around here. Welcome fellas! Looking forward to your future contributions. [img]smile.gif[/img]
      I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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        Ray, there's a wide range of aftermarket fences, but I'd highly recommend you stay away from 2-point fences like your old Craftsman or the Ridgid. Ridgid made improvements in their fence design between the 2424 and 3612 saws, but if you go to buy a fence from them, they've only been selling the old 2424 style.

        Besides, you want to improve your saw. I put a Biesemeyer on my Craftsman, 12 years ago and have never regretted it. But, there are other clones of the Biese' and other styles as well, all the way up to the Incra, which is close to $400. For example, the HTC is a clone of the Biese', with the added microadjust feature. The microadjust is a nice feature, but as I remember, it's actually more costly than the Biese'. If you go to some of the ww'ing mag sites, and search for fence reviews, you might also find some help. Good luck, and welcome.