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    yeah thats what i think of the "workbench" review of band saws. somehow ridgid always ends up on the short end even when the reviewer states " almost a clone" of the top rated machine. guess thats why i never listen to movie critics either. although jake, if you really want to compete how hard would it be to put a 1hp tfc motor on the 1400?

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    A 1 HP Ridgid BS would find it's way into my shop real fast, especially if it is cheaper than the Jet.

    I'm planning to buy the JET because of the 1 HP motor. Resawing will be at least half of my use of a BS (with a 6" riser and Timberwolf blade). I understand the resaw limitations of the 14" BS, but they do have an acceptable price/performance ratio for my application.



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      I have been seriously considering the Jet too. I am a loyal Ridgid user, but an extra HP for only $100 more makes it a tough decision. In fact, right now Jet is throwing in a rip fence and miter gauge.

      Jake, would it be possible to offer a 1 HP option on the Ridgid Band Saw? That way, those that don't want to spend the extra money can stick with the 3/4 HP.


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        Hey guy's,
        My 2 cents on the Ridgid BS. I have worked for the last few months with Jake on some issues that were driving me nuts with this band saw. Vibration and lack of power. I had to loosen the belt up on the saw in order to get rid of some of the vibration which as a result, caused the saw to lose power while resawing. I attribute some of this vibration to the fact that this is an open stand saw. Whenever I turned the saw off, I could watch the stand flex as the motor ran down. I actually tried 2 different saws, and both acted identical. I finally took the saw back, much to my dismay (I have quite a few Ridgid tools).

        I will be purchasing the Jet saw, largely in fact because it is a 1HP model and has an enclosed base. On Ridgid's behalf, they were very good to work with, it's just this saw needs some upgrades IMO before it can contend with Jets or Deltas 14" saw....



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          MarkR, Where did you see the Jet BS with the fence and miter guage thrown in?


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            It is a special offer that Jet has going on right now. You can purchase it at Amazon for 599, free shipping, and no tax. My local Woodworkers Warehouse can get it, but of course, they will charge tax.


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              Well, you guys "forced" me to buy the Workbench issue with the review. Sure didn't see where it said it was a clone of the top rated machine---in a way, kind of unfair, since top-rated Jet and Delta were both closed stands and had 1 hp motors.

              However, did anyone notice how much alike the Rigid and Craftsman Professional looked??? Knob type, placement, stand shap, even exact same motor position, yet, they give the Craftsman top rating, even though they said the 1 1/2 hp, was actually 3/4---there's a big surprise--Sears overrating hp.

              Anyway, as much as I'd like to give Rigid my business, guess it's the Jet or Delta (if I can swing the extra cost). I also looked at the 1998 Shop Notes article which rated the same, only gave Delta slightly higher marks because of stiffer construction.

              BTW--while Rigid didn't score too well, what about Powermatic? Wow, for a saw from the same makers as the much touted 66A, their band saw sure looked crumby. Found the same when I was looking at drill presses---Powermatic got bad marks---just can never tell.


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                The Fine Woodworking Tools & Shops issue had a very objective Bandsaw review. The Ridgid came out pretty well, right behind the JET, for basically the same issues raised in this post.

                See it here:Tools & Shops


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                  In January, I bought the Ridgid with the new TEFC motor. I have used it quite a lot, including resaw about sis inches. Not only no complaint, but high praise. I would not hesitate to by the Ridgid today despite the varying magazine reviews. Don't forget, Ridgid has the warranty and the helpful assistance of Jake. I know that jet customer relations is good, but Ridgid is just as good with the added bonus of this forum. Just my dos centavos.

                  Have fun, MikeN


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                    You mentioned in an earlier post about the new version of the BS1401 that an upgrade to the TEFC motor would be available for owners of the BS 1400. Any word yet as to the availability of the motor through Ridgid? I had been holding out for the new model since last fall when you mentioned it. But after listening to the HD folks say "I was misinformed", then "crazy", then "privy to secret information I shouldn't have been told", to "it will be her in a 3 to 6 months", to "now we don't know when we'll see it" I finally broke down and bought the BS1400 with hopes of an upgrade. [img]smile.gif[/img]

                    I've only had it about a month but now I see that the BS1401 has been out (just not here) since Jan I sure hope that it'll be available to us recent buyers. Is there a TEFC motor in my future or should I give up and move to a different part of the country?
                    - Tim


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                      A couple of things.......

                      First, I just bought a TS1400 (didn't know about the TS1401) and I'm interested in finding out about the upgrade also, or maybe I should inquire of HD as to why I was sold an older product without being told.

                      Second, in reply to the issue of vibration caused by the open stand. I didn't purchase the Ridgid mobility kits because of what I saw in HD (couldn't get 'em to work or stay put), so I opt'ed for the Craftsman Universal Mobile Base. I have one on my old Craftsman model 113 tablesaw and liked it, so I bought one for my bandsaw. Because it's essentially a square frame that attaches to the foot of each leg it has the added benefit of taking any flex out of the legs of the bandsaw. I've not had any vibration problems turning it on, using it, or during coast down after turning it off.
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