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Blade elevation concern

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  • Blade elevation concern

    Hi Guys.

    I've had an old Sears radial arm saw made by Emerson for years and it has served me well. It holds its alignment well. I also have a Ridgid oscillating spindle sander and am pleased with its performance.

    Now that I have increased the size of my woodshop, I want to get a table saw. I've been looking at the TS3612 and like it. But one thing bothers me.

    The blade angle adjustment has a lock but the blade elevation adjustment does not. Is this a problem? Have you had any difficulties with the blade height changing during multiple cuts?

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    Al G

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    You might take a look through some historical posts on this topic - short answer is that I have never had a problem with this and general consensus among others here is that it is not necessary.


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      Ridgid states on their website, under FAQ's/woodworking power tools/tablesaws/product comparision:

      "The elevation shaft mechanism has a non-slip design to prevent the height from changing."

      Hope this helps


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        The key to getting the blade to hold height is to finish the adjustment when raising the blade. If you lower the blade to the final desired height, the lash in the gears will cause it to lower slightly.

        These are great saws and you can't go wrong. One thing I would recommend is going with the 3621 (or 2424). I think it is worth the extra $. You may be able to talk HD down if you tell them that you are trying to decide between the 3612 and another saw (I did this when I bought my Ridgid planer).


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          As I've had mine apart---the mesh of a worm gear and large teeth on the arbor assembly would make it almost impossible to loose height, except for the slight lash, Greenwood mentioned.

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