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WoodCraft Tenoning Jig - Any good???

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  • WoodCraft Tenoning Jig - Any good???


    Any thoughts or feedback on the WoodCraft Tenoning Jig? It's on sale for $59.99 reg $69.99. It appears similar to the Delta or some other one I've run across. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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    I bought that one back in November and have not had a problem with it. Takes a little time to set up correctly but then works real good.
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      Well, if you don't like it, at least our local Woodcraft has been very good about taking things back. But, just MHO, but that green color is too close to HF. Indeed, I've noticed Woodcraft adding a lot of low-priced stuff to their inventory of late.


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        I thought you might want to see a home made jig. It's a great project and saves $$$$. Go to the link below:


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          Hey outrage26- not bad! You should put a coat of green paint on it, though, and attach a couple of handles! [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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            Purchased one this week, not good, after lapping in the base table, and setting up jig, out of alignment with blade, checked the mounting plate to the base table the swing arm is mis-drilled by 1 degree, this will result in a 3/16th difference in a 12 inch length, am taking it back and will check the units on hand, another result of a "pencil neck" not doing their job, lost 3 hours, another 3 hours to correct problem, thanks you yoyo pencil neck bumbs! should have purchased a General for a 100.00. hope this answers you guestion Later Fellas


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              Take a look at this jig. Similar to outrage26's jig. Looks interesting to me.

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