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Setup of Stacked Dado??

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  • Setup of Stacked Dado??

    I just purchased the Freud 6" stacked dado set. The instructions are pertty vage. Can someone explain the setup or is there a web site I can go to and see some diagrams?
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    I just got the 8"Super and I agree the instructions are vague (never used one before). I have been experimenting using intuition. I figure it's about balance. I set up the chippers 90 degrees off from each other and set the outer blades so they kind of line up in the middle of the adjacent chipper. Saw runs smooth and the cuts are square and smooth.

    One thing I found out. Plywood is not necessarily the same thickness across its dimensions. The shims that came with the cutter are indispensable. They really make all the difference. I was surprised when I thought I had one shim in my hand only to find out there were three! Man, are they thin.

    I'm trying to find out all I can about dado cutting. Let us know how it's going.

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      I setup my Freud 8" Pro Dado by alternating the chippers 90deg. as well. I've also tried setting the chippers so that the teeth are separated by one opening in relation to the outer blades. Either way, it runs smooth and cust well.

      One note of caution that I learned being impatient. I dented the arbor on my TS2424 with the Dado blades since they are apparently a harder steel. I didn't take the time to carefully remove the blade parallel to the arbor. Whoops.
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        The other guys are right; on the two-wing chippers, alternate them 90&deg; to each other for balancing. Other than that, it's most important not to allow any of the carbide teeth of one chipper/blade to strike any of the teeth of the neighboring chippers/blades. The carbide teeth are wider than the blade body and if you don't stagger them, they'll hit other teeth and cause the blades not to be aligned in parallel--not to mention potentially damaging the teeth themselves. Neither one is a good thing.
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