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  • Shaper or Router/Table

    This may not be an OR question.

    What advantages does a router & table have over a shaper? I have 2 inexpensive fixed base routers now. One used freehand and one mounted to a cheapo, stamped metal benchtop table.

    Contemplated uses mostly center on edge shaping and dadoing. I can contemplate doing some mortise work, but would have to buy a plunge router for that. In a few years, I might have the time to do raised panel work.

    Thanks for your thoughts, Curt

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    A shaper is basically intended to run all day, day and day out. It has plenty of power to turn large cutters for raised panels, door, molding, etc. However routers work better at turning smaller bits and getting into tighter spots. Whether hand-held or mounted in a table. Most shapers spin too slowly to properly run the smaller router bits. Each has their place, it is just a matter of what your intended goals are.