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MDF Fence for TS2400

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  • MDF Fence for TS2400

    I want to make a couple of sacrificial fences for my TS2400 out of MDF. Is it easier to try and use the slots in the existing fence, or to use something like this?

    If you use the existing slots, what kind of screws work best? I'm thinking you would have to use something like this and make a countersink hole in the fence for the nut.

    - Jason

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    Re: MDF Fence for TS2400

    If it was me I'd use melamine coated particle board rather than MDF... I don't have that particular saw but I do have the little rockler fence clamps. I keep a sacrificial fence bolted on 'permanently' and use the rockler fence clamps for temporary fences... The clamps are very convenient.


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      Re: MDF Fence for TS2400

      You could just use ΒΌ" hex bolts to anchor the MDF to the fence. Use a forstner bit to drill some counter sinks for the nuts. Just make sure that you place the bolts in locations where they can't ever come into contact with the blade.
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