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Delta 36-680 or RIDGID TS3650?

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  • Delta 36-680 or RIDGID TS3650?

    I've read the posts about RIDGID's legs, arbor, quality issues, etc. And am still considering this saw. The other candidate is the Delta 36-680. When you purchase a mobile base for the Delta, they are pretty comparable from a price-point and I think a wash in features. I do like the left-tilt on the RIG better and I like the 36" capacity on as compared to the 30" on the Delta.

    I have a friend who just bought a Delta and had the following issue with his rip fence:
    At the front of the saw it was ~1/4" off the table. At the back it ~1/8" off the table. He talked with the CS guy multiple times (always the same guy who returned phone calls within the hour). To resolve this issue, we thought he might have to have his rais milled shorter to bring the fence down ... something simple becasue it wouldn't really be that big of an issue until he wanted to rip some 1/4" thick sheet stock. The CS guy sent him a whole new fence an rail system. He didn't ask for the old one back and told him to keep it for parts. I was amazed! This is a $300+ replacement part pkg. To sum up, I know I'll get much better CS from the folks at Delta.

    So, I want to know:

    1 - Are there any folks out there that chose the RIDGID over the specific Delta model I mentioned here when they bought their saw & why.

    2 - Any of you who went with Delta & why.

    3 - Any reason I should still be considering the RIDGID and all its issues.

    4 - I've narrowed down my search to these two, but do you feel that there any makes/models I have overlooked?

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    Can't comment on the delta, and actaully bought the ridgid because HD gave me a full store credit on my BT3100, But that being said I will say that I like the saw. It did setup nice and is accurate. I like the fence, and the cast extensions are true. I was impressed that Ridgid fully owned up to the arbor problem and immediately came up with a fix, without giving the all too familiar denial or song and dance routine. That to me spoke volumes. Others would say that they should never have problems to begin with, but in reality #$%^ happens and they handled the problem well.

    One thing, I had the same issue with the fence, as the front rail mounting holes were higher than the rear. I just milled out the holes a bit and lowered the front rail.

    I don't have a problem tweaking new or any equipment in this price range to improve the performance. Some people do. I've also had to tweak my new Grizzly bandsaw and Delta jointer and drill press.

    By the way, a lot of people recommend at least checking out the Grizzly saw at the same price point. Bigger motor, Beis style fence.

    Good luck,



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      I do like the left-tilt on the RIG better
      ??? Delta still makes right tilt ??? I struggled with an old right hander Rockwell/Delta Contractor saw for years. Unless you're a lefty, that alone would be enough to rule it out. I would have to think you could get a left-hand delta.

      For what its worth, I've had the Ridgid for a year now and am very satisfied with the performance and operation. I haven't looked underneath the specific Delta model you mention, but last I knew they were still using the old oversized worm gears for bevel and lift. They look very sturdy but have way more friction that the "cheaper" looking Emerson/Ridgid parts. I was always breaking the plastic handwheels. The Ridgid is still smooth despite the fact I've never cleaned or lubed any of the mechanism.


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        Did you ask the same question on the Delta site? I'm partial to the steel fence system on the Delta over the aluminum of the TS3650.

        Ridgid did respond pretty quickly to the arbor issue, but it's something that the service centers knew about a long time ago, so I struggle believing Ridgid didn't know sooner. It's less honorable to respond when exposed by the publicity than to take the initiative if they knew of it earlier...either way, kudos to them for making another problem right with this machine.

        I'll second the suggestion to include the Griz models in your search. Good luck!


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          I too am a Griz fan. The G0444z is a very nice saw, especially for the dollar.


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            Thanks for the comments so far.

            I was also suprised that the Delta was right tilt. I was thinking anything int he $500 price range would be left tilt. The reviews in American Woodworker really seemed to bash anything that wasn't left tilt.

            I have been to, but haven't found a link to a forum like this. If you could post a link, I'd appreciate it.
            Protection in the workshop? ... I\'ve got a condom on right now.


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              i had the opportunity examine both of the tablesaw models you mention and i would personally take the delta over the rigid.


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                One thing to say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Grizzly G0444Z



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                  I would buy the one I liked better. If Ridgid has fixed the arbor on the ones at HD. The other problems have been addressed and the CS has started to change at Ridgid, as we are seeing with the arbor problem.

                  Ridgid and Delta have been bought and will be made in China, most likely. The thing we can still demand is CS. Ridgid seems to be making a turnaround.


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                    I like the fence on the Delta better than Ridgid. I'd also be looking into the Griz and the new Sears.


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                      Last rumor I saw was that Ridgid was not going to recall the 3650. So they are not going to fix the ones sitting on the shelves over at Home Depot. Apparently they are replacing the arbors on a complaint basis.

                      Anyone else heard anything different?


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                        What is the issue with the arbor on the Rigid please?


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                          see Arbor Thread for the arbor issue


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                            I have read (with a great deal of interest) the threads about the Ridgid TS3650 table saw - both from the "satisfied customer" side as well as the "issues with the arbor."

                            I think I am ready to make a change in my shop and have been very impressed with what I have read about the features, benefits, and functionality of the Ridgid; however, I must ask - what is the current status of the issues you have all described with the arbor, and other "problems?" Have these been resolved as of today?

                            Please feel free to respond to me directly, as well.




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                              How do you know if the boxed version at Home Depot has the new or old arbor? Is there an effectivity date or serial number where production shifted?