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TS3650 dado insert?

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  • TS3650 dado insert?

    I just bought a TS3650 in fact its not even all together yet. I also picked up a Freud 8" stack dado set. My question is will a AC1030 8" insert fit the TS3650? The web site lists TS2424,TS2412, and TS2400 are the inserts the same? Also from what I have read here it looks like I am going to have to order it from Ridgid if I want to get one as HD does not carry any accessories that I can find.


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    Welcome to the group!

    It has been stated on other threads that the inserts for the 3650 are different from the 3612, 2424, etc.

    You might try e-mailing them and see when they plan on offering one. You're right---HD has never carried the accessories.

    Otherwise you may have to make one, but don't try running without one in place.


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      Another welcome to the group. Why not break-in your new saw by making a set of zero clearance dado inserts? While your at it, make some for your regular blade. Enjoy your new saw.
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        Well ok looks like I'll make some. Thanks guys.