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    My thought's are to make a plaque for a license to hang on the wall. I dont have a problem with making the wood backed board. The scanning or printing of the license. The problem is glueing, sealing and making the photo part of the board. It would be nice to have a rich finish to the board and photo. The photo ink will be damaged with a Poly spray? Any tips? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Making a Plaque

    I know this isn't what you may want but have you ever seen nice wood frames with anti-reflective glass in them? You can get them to hold many sizes of documents and they give them good protection. These are used to protect business licenses in restaurants among other things. The "Non Glare / Anti-reflective" glass is a big plus over regular plate glass. It's much like eye glasses lenses that have the same treatment on them.

    I'm thinking this may save you lots of hard work and frustration as you won't damage your documents/certificates and such.

    If you want a real nice one check with places that do custom framing of large photographs. If you want to keep cost down and keep it simple, try large office supply places like Office Depot, Office Max and Staples. They all should have them for 8.5 x 11 paper documents. The custom framing places can make up any size you wish and also add a nice border around it.

    If you wanted, you might look at what they have ready made and make your own frame. A good glass shop should be able to custom cut anti-reflective glass to size for you.
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      Re: Making a Plaque

      Thanks for your quick response. Can you list any suppliers that I can look at?
      This is what I am trying to do but at 110.00 dollars I was thinking to do it different. Thanks,


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        Re: Making a Plaque

        Wattsnot - I was asked to make some plaques for scouts that had earned their "Arrow of light" award. What I did was to make a pattern of the size that the certificate in MDF. In other words I made a piece of MDF with a square hole in it the size of the certificate. I then purchased lumber - walnut, select pine, maple, ect. and laid the MDF over the lumber - sticking it down with double face tape. I then routed (on my router table) out the area about 1/2" deep with a pattern bit. Using the router table made the bottom in the lumber very smooth. I then took the lumber out and routed the face edge that would be showing in different designs with router bits or though the table saw to make different angles. When finished with the sanding, staining and whatever other finishing I wanted, I placed the certificate on a thin piece of cardboard, placed that into the routed area - and then placed none glaring glass cut to the size of the routed area. I added trim around the glass to keep it in or added small triangle shaped pieces of wood (different than the frame was made of) to the four corners over laying the glass and the frame. Each plaque was designed different and with different lumber - so there is no two alike. They turned out very well and the scouts and parents seemed well pleased. Also another advantage to doing it this way - there are no 45 degree corners to cut and the plaque is all one piece. Plus its very inexpensive.
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          Re: Making a Plaque


          Thanks for the detailed description. My mind is not as young as it once was. Could you please post a picture of the finished Plaque. That might bring it all together for me.
          Thank you.


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            Re: Making a Plaque

            Wattsnot - I hope you get the idea with these two photos. The larger ones that I made are with the scouts so I had none to show you so I just did a small version of what I was speaking of. The more fancy the wood - the more you could do with it. The depth of the router cut would depend on the thickness of the glass - double or single strength or if your using a backing for the document. As I stated - to hold the glass in - I used corner block - and for the scouts - as it was the "arrow of light" award - I made the corner blocks (holding the glass in) - in the shape of small arrow heads. I also squared the corners as it was to hard to round the corners of the glass.
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