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    i am a novice wood worker planning to build a small shop. I have read not to use pvc due to electrical static build up or if i used pvc to be sure it was grounded. If I place the pvc in the cement floor would that fix the problem

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    I have PVC mains and drops to flex hose. Have had the set up approximately 4 months. Have received the first static shock yet. There's alot of myths around about PVC and static electricity. In a small home workshop I don't think they apply. They might in a production environment where the DC never shuts down.


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      If you're going to all the trouble of planning "burried" dc lines, I'd really suggest sticking with metal ducts. While the PVC would "probably" discharge it's static charge, there's still the issue of ID size, and when you start adding up PVC fittings, in that size, costs add up fast.


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        There is a world of info out there about DC. There are many posts available on this site with links to others. Go to the search option and type in dust collection. There is a link to Wood Online that has a dust collection forum with a post about "PVC static myths" that you might find interesting. I am in the same boat as you in setting up a shop and dust collection. Good luck!


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          If you are using any type of plastic product for your shop dust collection then you should have that system grounded as they suggest. Rub a piece of plastic in your shop and see that the dust is attracted, the some thing happens when air is flowing through the tubes, static elec. is created. It may not happen to you but this is a definite fire hazard.Why chance it? For the sake of a piece of wire and a ground safe.