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  • Rigid Band Saw Adjustment

    Hello All,

    I have a Rigid 14" band saw. I have a problem. Using the adjustment screw, I can align the blade in the center of one tire or the other, but not both. This makes the blade likely to fall off the tires while I am using it. How do I remedy this? I can find nothing in the manual that addresses this.


    Peter Collin

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    Re: Rigid Band Saw Adjustment

    Sounds like your wheels are not co-planar, meaning aligned vertically in the same plane. The lower wheel is not really adjustable, like the upper one, so the lower is your basis.

    Using a long straightedge (approx 48") lay it across both sets of wheels. If they are coplanar, the straightedge should touch the wheels in four distinct locations: the top and bottom of the upper wheel, and the top and bottom of the lower wheel.

    If there are gaps at any of those four touch-points, the wheels are not coplanar.

    You would then need to adjust the upper wheel's projection from the housing (by adding/removing washers), and/or angular tilt (by using the adjustment knob in the back of the housing) until you have both wheels coplanar.

    On my bandsaw I found that the projection of the upper wheel was OK, but it took some fine tuning of the angle to get them coplanar. This whole process can take as little as 5 minutes, if you're lucky.

    If you carefully align your wheels coplanar, and carefully work on balancing your wheels, it should run smooth as silk and your blade should stay centered and true. If you get it all nicely dialed in, you might find (as I did) that drift is completely eliminated.

    FYI, if you haven't already, just go ahead and replace those lousy stock bandsaw tires while you have it opened up, and before balancing the wheels or trying to align your blade. Put on some urethane tires and you'll be a happy camper.


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      Re: Rigid Band Saw Adjustment

      Wood Junkie,

      Thank you very much for your advice. I am glad that I posted here because I also emailed the Rigid product service site, and got this response:

      The band saw should be checked by an authorized service dealer for damage. The blade should line up on both tires, and then move inward or outward on the top tire as the tracking is adjusted.

      Warranty coverage/service and repairs for your Ridgid power tools can be obtained by determining your closest authorized Ridgid service dealer from the dealer locator at the URL link below, contacting them, and arranging to get the tool in for warranty service and repairs based on the receipt or the tools serial number.

      Best regards,

      Tom Clinkscales
      Consumer Response
      One World Technologies, Inc.

      I wound up fixing the problem with a 50 cent washer on the drive wheel.

      It took 4 guys to carry the assembled saw into my shop, and the nearest service center is an hour away. You saved me a great deal of hassle!Pete Collin