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Dado insert for TS 3650

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  • Dado insert for TS 3650

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a dado insert for a ridgid table saw 3650?

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    Highland Hardware seels them in their store and, by extension, through their website at I think they run around $20 or so, I can't recall right away, but there has been some discussion on this forum about other places to get them as well.


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      By the way, it's only necessary to post your questions in one of the forums. Most of the people here read all the forums so you can be fairly certain that you'll receive answers.
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        Yes, as Dave suggested, take a look at the Might-T-Track inserts. I bought a couple of them adn they are very nice, reasonable price too.

        You can of course make your own, it is not difficult, I did make a few of my own and they work fine. But I like the ease of dropping in a blank insert and making a custom ZCI for those setups that need it. I bought three and have one blank left, when I use that up I will probably order a couple more.

        I write on the bottom of them what they are for with a Sharpie Pen (blade or dado setup, etc.)

        The only thing I dislike about them is they put their label on the face of the insert whhich you then have to take off or worry about your work hanging up on it as you cut. If they made the label a little bigger, and left some room for you to note what the insert is to be used with, AND placed it on the back side, then their label would remain and a year from now when I wanted another I would not be scratching my head trying to remember where I bought that one from.

        Anyway, if you are not going to make your own, I think these are the best ones out there for the money.

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          I bought mine from Forrest Blade for 12.95 plus shipping. They are made for the 3650 and I like them. They're white and not orange though.