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  • R4330 Planer Blades

    I'd like to share this with you in order to find out if anyone has had the same experience and if so to find out what, if any sollution there is.
    I own the R4330 13" Thickness Planer and really like it.
    A week ago or so I decided it was time to put new blades in so I went to Home Depot and purchased the only "Ridgid 13"Thickness Planer Blades" they had.
    After I removed my old blades, and Just as I was about to open my "new" blades I noticed that there were only two in the unopened package.
    Knowing that the previous model had a two-knife cutter head I realized that I had bought the wrong blades and immediately returned them in order to buy the correct ones.
    Well her'es what I found out:
    Every single HD within a 25 mile radius of my house is selling the "old" blades.
    None of the HD's in that radius are selling the "new" blades.
    Everyone in that department (Dept.25 Hardware) in all of those stores thinks that they are selling the blades that are for the R4330 that they sell.
    I can't buy the blades directly from Ridgid's web site because "these are available at your local Home Depot".
    I did find them on HD's "parts" web site but they are "out-of-stock online" and "available at you local HD store".
    There is/was no idication as to if/when they might ever be available online again.
    The fact that I actualy work at HD has not helped me in any way whatsoever.
    Except in that I know who to go to to try to get them "special ordered".
    But none of our customers would know that.
    When I wrote (via email) to "customer service" through HD's web site to complain/explain, they responded by saying that they could not respond to my complaint until I provide them with a phone number!!!
    So, I have supossedly "special ordered" the blades, but am still waiting for them.
    I have made the suggestion in Ridgid's "Forum-Suggestions" page that Ridgid should consider allowing the ordering of such "user replaceable" parts directly from them by consumers.
    And that's that.
    Even if I get the blades via a spaecial order it still means that as far as I can tell, anyone in Maryland who owns this planer is in for a real stress-test when they try to replace the blades....inlcuding me.
    Any input or first-hand experiences regarding this situation including any sollutions you may have come up with would be appreciated.
    Once I have enought information I will go back to our store manager (again) and try to to at least fix this problem in the store that I work in.
    The fix, by the way, is for HD to sell both types of blades......for owners of the earlier 2-blade palner as well as owners or the newer 3-blade planer, both of which also fit the current Ryobi planer.

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    Re: R4330 Planer Blades


    I understand your plight and frustration. When the R4330 planer was first introduced there was much concern about the availability of the 3-pack planer blades that are required for the R4330.

    As I understand it, after several months Home Depot headquarters office in Atlanta, allegedly sent a directive to all store managers that they must stock these blades. Instructions were also sent to facilitate the ordering of these.

    According to the statement at the time, no Home Depot should be without adequate stock of both the TP1300 AND the R4330 planer blades. I do know that both the store here in Painted Post, NY and in Binghamton have maintained stocks of these blades.

    If your local store does not have them, the service desk should know how to order them for you, without additional charge.

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      Re: R4330 Planer Blades

      Here we go again. I can't understand what's up with Home Depot.

      Fortunately my local HD has em. Says R4330 on the package. I bought one just last week. Haven't changed out the blades yet.

      The rep at the store said that they'll keep them in stock since they're still selling the planers. Whew. But, they didn't have them until recently.


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        Re: R4330 Planer Blades

        I gave up on finding the blades at HD. I ended up ordering from for the price of 22.73 each (x 3 = $68.19 for 3 blade set). The part number was 08970105052. I must say this is an insane price to pay, but what are you going to due? I wish I had ran across some of the blogs about the blade availability when I was researching the planer purchase. All I found at the time was how great the machine is. Wish I had a Dewalt or Delta now, I must say this has issue caused me to start looking at other brands. And what do you know, last week I purchased the 15" Craftsman drill press (love it) and the 10" bandsaw (still in the box).


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          Re: R4330 Planer Blades

          hey guys iv'e experienced the same thing. but i lack the patiants that you all displaye. heres my solution till the home depot were i live get the blade that i odered in, ill just return my planer for a full refund and buy a new one with new blades in it

          personaly im realy pissed and im not going put up with it.
          it took me 2 hours on the phone with both ridgid, there parts suplier and home depot to figuer out the 3 pack blade part number, and how much theyd cost. and now that its on order i have to wait 2 weeks to get them and home depot will problably lose them anyways and ill have to wait another 2 weeks so sorry for your luck ridgid your geting a planer returned to you

          heres some advise to ridgid, cordinate and get your **** together, and PS "home depot sucks my ***"!!!!!!!!!!!!

          this isent my first frustraiting encouter with home depot ive been spending tens of thousands every year for the past 15 years , and there problems like this every month


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            Re: R4330 Planer Blades

            FWIW Ive been looking at a bunch of different planers lately (got a HUGE deal on the DW735 "clearanced" at HD) and I think its interesting that HD has NO replacement knives for ANY of the planers, or if they do the heck if I could find em!!

            I didnt see knives for the DW734, DW735 OR the Ridgid.

            Lowes has replacement knives for every planer they currently sell (DW734, DW735 and the Delta planer), plus one thats long gone (DW733).

            So I guess we should buy planers at HD that lowes carries the parts for? Or just give Lowes the $$$ instead, maybe HD will figure it out if they have to clearance EVERY planer they have when no one buys em.

            I guess I should be happy, though....both of my local HDs stock the replacement sandpapers for the oscillating sander.


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              Re: R4330 Planer Blades

              Me too fella's I was just informed by the Cincinnati beechmont Home Depot that Ridgid will not allow them to sell inn stores the replacement blades, sounds like I need to go to NY to get them -

              Not letting up though after reading this forum I am going back to Home Depot and ask they stoick the replacement blades else they can give me my money back..

              This is totally insane..


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                Re: R4330 Planer Blades


                The original post here was a little over a year old... but it appears that there is still a problem.

                If you do a search on "Planer Blades" here on the forum, you should find one of my posts where I provided the SKU# and price for the R4330 3-blade paks. (My apologies for not looking it up myself and giving you the link, but it's one of those morinings!)

                The HD associate that you talked to is misinformed I think... they are notorious for "knowing" something that isn't true. Allegedly, all stores were informed with how to order these blades and that they should be in stock... or so I was told by someone in the Atlanta HQ.

                Good luck and hope you can find these blades quickly,



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                  Re: R4330 Planer Blades

                  sku is online 673955 model ac20501 $29.99 3 pack sorry but most of you sound like the