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TS 3650 fence not at 90 degrees

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  • TS 3650 fence not at 90 degrees

    I have a problem with the 90degrees between the fence and deck it is off about 1/64 (main deck but not the wings) I have readjusted the fence guides several times and always come up with the same results. On most general apps like plywood, soft pine or simple applications its not a player. However, while cutting cherry for a small bax for my dau+ghters 12th it made enough to through the miters off when seating them against the miter fence for cutting the joining corners. In other words ripping along the fence with a 60 tooth rigid blade the 1/2" cherry was out of square by just under 1/16 which when against the miter gauge threw the 45 off enough to leave a small hairline gap in the corners preventing the use of splines. I read the manual several times and have not called Rigid yet to see if they have any tricks. Maybe some one else has a suggestion or experience with a similiar problem? Otherwise the saw is incredibly accurate smooth and a overall joy to use.

    Another question has anyone put poly link belts with upgraded pulleys and where did you get yours? I'm noticing some vibration with the standard belt now that I have had the saw for 45 days with almost daily use (DIY stuff) ripping, crosscutting. I would like to square it up as I'm looking at ordering the benchdog router wing and thought about incorporating the fence. Thanks in advance


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    Re: TS 3650 fence not at 90 degrees

    Do you mean that the vertical fence face is not at 90 degrees with respect to the table surface?

    There is no direct interface between the fence and the table, the common factor is the rails, so I can suggest a couple of things here:

    1. The fence itself is damaged where it sits in the rails. Fix problem or replace fence.
    2. The rails are not true to the table. True the rails.
    3. You say the wings don't have the issue. This implies (to me) that there is a difference in alignment between the table and the wings with the rails. Align wing extensions, then rails.
    4. The rails are not straight. You is fcuked if that's the case

    I spent as long aligning my saw as I did building it. Because of the design, a small deviation at say, the joint face of wing extension to table, will manifest itself as a much more significant deviation at the extreme edge of the extension. The rails are mere aluminum, so they will tolerate, and sag with, the deviation.

    Of course there could be a manufacturing defect, but I'd try realigning from scratch (even remove the rails) first.


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      Re: TS 3650 fence not at 90 degrees

      I think Rockler has the belts.


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        Re: TS 3650 fence not at 90 degrees

        I don't think a link belt is recommended for a V-type pulley system. The belt provided by Ridgid should do well. I haven't heard others complaining about the belt. Check the pulley alignment and belt tension.
        I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.