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    I am just starting to build my shop (a.k.a garage). I was wondering where to get some plans for wall cabinets. I tried the New Yankee Workshop and Wood online. Any input would be appreciated.

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    I personally design my own cabinets, for exactly what I want in them in the location I want them. There are several plans available for tool storage, bins, etc.

    What I would suggest is get some graph paper, and scale out your garage and machinery, windows, doors, etc. Cut out the machinery pieces and move things around till you find a set up you like the best. Then decide what tools you will be investing in, and plan a storage location for them. Consider extra blades, jigs, etc.

    Then work the storage into your wall and floor space. I think it is equally enjoyable to think up/design your own personal little things for your shop as it is to build them. Just my 2 cents.
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      Try this link:

      It's loaded with cabinets and such. In Wood Magazines Best-ever Workshops issue, there is all the plans for all the cabinets in this link, plus 3 others. Loaded with plans. I'm sure if you look around you'll be able to order the issue, if you can't find it locally.

      Good Luck.
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        You can go to this URL
        It goes right to a download site for Shop Designer which allows you to dimension your shop & tools & arrange the tools & try different arrangements. This program works real good.

        I use the tool selector & select the bench for any tools or cabinets that are not in the program & size it to whatever the tool or cabinet measures.

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          This link on the WoodCentral website has some
          great calculators to download, one that might help you is called Cabinet Design Program.
          Just scroll to the very bottom for the downloads.


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            The 2003 "Best Ever Workshops" issue of Wood Magazine has some excellent ideas and plans for shop cabinets. They also have details of 3 different size workshops to inspire the design of your own workshop.

            I'm actually copying a lot of the setup for the 3rd (smallest) workshop.

            Good luck,



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              Thank you all for your ideas and links. They have helped tremendously.