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  • R4330 setup tips

    Hi yall, this is my first planer and i'm looking to the members here who already have a R4330 for any setup tips for a new out of the box planer, i've already read the manual, but have not attempted to set it up yet. is there anything i should be doing?? any tips/tricks are greatly appreciated!

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    Re: R4330 setup tips

    Spend the time to set the tables up properly. On page 16 of the online manual, it gives the instructions on how to set the infeed and outfeed tables. You really have to get them set level with the planer to eliminate snipe. I have a long-ish level that I place across the entire thing, under the cutter head and sticking out both sides. I'm just looking at the bottom of the level to make sure the tables are flat to the planer. Unplug the planer and set the cutterhead as far up as possible to do this.
    I put it all back together better than before. There\'s lots of leftover parts.


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      Re: R4330 setup tips

      Once that's done, that's about it.

      I rubbed the deck down with wax to easier feed of material. A can of Johnson's Wax worked well.

      I also bought a bottle of stuff to clean pitch and stuff off the blades.

      Haven't had to do much more than that.