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    Originally posted by woodworkerjake:

    I checked out Bridgewood after seeing these posts a couple times. Not in person though. Saw on site ( Price looks great on website ).

    The articles about it also mention shipping varies based on location. I figure it's like a dell. Price looks great til you add in the 100 or more shipping.

    btw. Have you EVER heard Dell advertise or even mention shipping until you've entered all your credit card info.. cough, cough.

    Although, I do love my dell too =)

    The s/h game gets old as you found out.
    I actually own a Dell XPS, retailed for almost $4400 w/ everything added I possibly could want/need. Then the shipping - hey Dell, why charge me so much? I know I can ship a larger and hevier package there for about 55% of the cost I incurred.
    BTW- I did not pay retail, it was an insurnce storm damage affair and the ins. co ordered thru their replacement services division. At $2986 plus shipping. So - how's that for a markup!
    Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em