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Shellac over oil-based stain?

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    Re: Shellac over oil-based stain?

    Originally posted by Pipestone Kid View Post
    When it comes to fishing, hire Badger Dave as a guide. He knows how to catch the big ones!!

    Attaboy PK, I knew you wouldn't let me down.
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      Re: Shellac over oil-based stain?

      Originally posted by Bob D. View Post
      I write down some short notes of the steps I used on the back of the test piece, that way they don't get lost. When testing multiple stains on a piece of wood I include the stain manufacturers name, etc. for future reference. I know that 6 months or a year from now I am not likely to remember those details.
      Yes, thanks for mentioning that. I always right down on the back what I did. You can remember a week from now but 6 months from now is a different story.


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        Re: Shellac over oil-based stain?

        Bob D has already mentioned that shellac works fine over Minwax, and I also have that experience.

        My only comment to add is, with Minwax, I always let oil based stain dry for a day, then wipe it down with terry cloth moistened lightly with paint thinner, then let it dry for another couple days before applying top coat. The paint thinner wipe gets off any little globs of oil that have leeched out to the surface from the pores of the wood.

        In my experience, the biggest problem you're likely to have topcoating oil stains comes from the oil not being cured enough... it actually continues to cure for quite a while.

        Good luck!



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          Re: Shellac over oil-based stain?

          Thanks for the tips, Andy!

          I really appreciate it!