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Ridgid accessories clearance at Home Depot - YMMV

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  • Ridgid accessories clearance at Home Depot - YMMV

    I apologize if this has been posted.

    I just got back from Home Depot (buying some Bessey clamps). I noticed a big stack of Ridgid accessories in clearance. Picked up a table saw dust collector (AC1098) for $10, 2 sets of Jointer knives (AC8600) for $18 a set, a Herc-U-Lift Plus (AC9920) for $40. At another store, I bought one of those Work-n-Haul-it carts (AC9930) for $40.

    Good Luck.

    [ 02-18-2004, 01:02 AM: Message edited by: TexasGuy ]

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    Do we think that HD will honor other HD store prices?

    If so, Tex, tell where you found that stuff. I went at lunch and no prices were changed.


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      HDs do not always match another HD's prices. In my experience they won't even bother to check. Isn't it a wonderful company.


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        I bought most at the Lakeway store (#6531). The other was Sunset Valley, but I don't know the store number.

        A rep at the Lakeway store told me they were clearing out all the accessories for the old line of Ridgid power tools, so maybe the clearance hasn't hit all stores yet, or they haven't adjusted prices, or maybe I was misinformed by the rep.

        To get an idea of the discount, the normal price of the dust collector is $25, the Herc-U-Lift Plus is normally $71, and the Work-n-Haul-It is normally $150. I don't remember the original price of the planer knives, but I seem to remember them priced in the $30+ range.


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          Texas Guy,

          I took your posting into my HD here in DC, MD suburb and showed it to one of the managers and he checked the computer and noted that the Herculift wasn't on clearance at this point. He wouldn't honor it b/c he stated that his store wasn't discounting them.

          I mentioned to the manager that his store had all the GRAY line of Ridgid tools (BS, Jointer and drill are all that's left) on discount and not the GRAY EB44240 Oscillating Belt/Spindle Sander. The manager checked the computer and noted the EB was scheduled for discount (don't know how he knew this, other than it was in RED in the computer) but was not posted on the display yet... soooo he gave me a 20% discount on both the sander and Herculift.

          Thanks for the posting I don't think I would have otherwise have been able to negotiate with the manager on these items. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            Clearance finally got to Louisiana. Herculift for $45.00. Universal stand for $36.00. Spindle Sander for $149.00!!!
            keep makn\' sawdust!...just don\'t breath any.


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              Wow I was in HD last night and although they had all the accessories stacked up there was no price change. Looks like another trip this evening is in order. I would love to have a herculift for my 2412.