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  • Gotta love that BORG!

    Was in my local BORG yesterday shopping bolts for a lumber rack when what did I spy sitting on a flat cart at the end of the hardware aisle but a big, grey RIDGID box. I sauntered on down to take a look and found a WL1200 lathe that someone had returned. I grabbed the nearest orange shirt and asked, he called his manager, who said the price was $297, but he'd come down to $275. I told him they were being closed out for $77 a few months ago, HD doesn't carry them anymore and I don't even know if Ridgid makes them, now way am I paying full price.

    Oh well, I'll keep checking back.

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    I don't do any turning and really know little about lathes and how they function but I expect there's a good reason why Ridgid discontinued this lathe. $77 wouldn't be a whole lot of money to spend but is that lathe even worth that?
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      Ridgid's lathe has always been the black sheep of their power tool family. While the manager probably did you a favor, I do understand what you mean. Our local HDs never dropped their prices on the old grey line, while the rest of the country was cleaning up on tool bargins.

      BTW----HF just came out with a flyer listing their cast iron bed lathe at $177. Some people on another board were saying Lowes has the Delta Midi-Lathe for $167 (with free bed extension from Delta). Either one has received more positive comments than the poor Ridgid lathe.


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        Well, I don't need a lathe anyway, I have looked for the Delta locally, none of the stores in this region has any. If I had really wanted one, I would have ordered one as soon as they went on sale. Delta's got a nice rebate on the midi, free bed extension or set of turning tools. Just thought I might have stumbled on a target of opportunity

        Why does Ridgid even list the WL1200 anymore, if HD isn't selling them?


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          I've been asking the same question. I even asked my Ridgid rep at work and he has not been able to find an answer. You can buy them online.

          ., But not at the Home Depot website either, it just doesn't make sense. But that manager did you a big favor. Even at $77. that lathe is a dog. It's way too light and the bed flexes too much. With a medium to large piece of wood you better hold on to your tools. You can get a Jet with the bed extension for $250 at Rockler and is a much better lathe.

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            I wouldn't worry too bad about the lathe. It looks great, but all I hear is bad stuff about it. Also as far as the Manager not knocking the price down. I have 10 or so Home Depots in my area, 5 closest to my house, out of those five 3 of them have great managers who know there stuff and just give great discounts on clearance stuff, the other 2 stores have tight *** managers who know nothing about tools and won't discount anything. So I just shop at the stores that treat me good.