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3650 looks decent

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  • 3650 looks decent

    Saw one today, they had just put it out but couldn't even tell me how much it cost without trying to find a manager.

    As much as I didn't want to be impressed, I have to say it looks pretty good. Looks to me like the same basic design as the 3612 but finished off a lot nicer. Table surface was exceptionally smooth & clean, no "swirls" at all. What they are calling "cab forward" design does make the controls more easily accessable.
    Fence is definitely heavier than a 2424 but might be the same as a 3612, I not sure but it certainly seemed substantial. The cast Iron extensions are mostly solid with just a narrow opening for what i guess is clamping ability. The table edges have a bevel instead of a sharp edge. The only thing I noticed which seemed wholly inadequate for the quality level it appears they are trying to achieve is how sloppy the miter gauge fit the T slot. I assume the slot will fit most better quality gauges but the one supplied is bad. It was difficult to see underneath but it appears the heel alignment eccentric of the 3612 is still there and it also has a built in 4" dust collection port. (I don't know if this on a 3612 or not)

    Obviously I don't have 3612 but I do have a 2424. I consider myself fortunate that mine was good out of the box and that I didn't have the alignment problems that some seem to have had. But I do wish I had waited a little longer for a 3612. I really didn't want to like the 3650 but I did like what I saw.

    I guess the true test on the 3650 is how well it performs and what it costs and I'm sure we will here about both soon. If you've read this far thanks for sticking with me.

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    Where did you happen to see one? I was in HD in suburban Chicago area over the weekend all the new portable tools were stocked and on display, but all old model woodworking tools (what was left) were marked for closeout. As could be expected, the HD staff knew nothing about the new line and offered that the portable tools were the replacements !!!


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      HD in Neptune, NJ has them. It's the only new item I've seen other than the portable tools The staff is about as knowledgable regarding the line as anywhere else, not very. Are you waiting to possibly buy one or just curious?


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        Attention Canadian Rigid fans!!!!

        I ran accross a Rigid technician involved with setting up the new cordless handtool display at the new Orangeville, Ontario HD. He told me that the new 3650 will be available in Canadian HDs before Christmas. Price will be the same as the 3612 ($998.00 CDN). The only promo that will be running will be the life-time service warranty if bought before the end of December. HD has not run an in-store one-year no interest-no payment promo on its tools since last November so I have my fingers crossed for HD to run this promo before Christmas as well! PLEASE SANTA PLEASE!!!!
        Chris Berg


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          I have been waiting months to buy a new table saw to replace my old bench top Craftsman saw. The local HD had just sold out of the 3612s and could not find any others around. The 3650 seemed to include a lot of the features that magazine articles stated lacking in the 3612. HD did not have any set up and they had to scrounge to find the one the computer listed as in stock. I made the purchase, $597 [img]redface.gif[/img] with the 12 month zero interest plan (did that Saturday). I felt uneasy about forking out that kind of money on a product that I was not able to kick the tires on... but if I don't like it for any reason I can take it back with in 90 days (not an easy chore for the mass of machine). I am still working on setting up the saw but have been impressed with it so far... the Herc-u-lift is sweet. I have run into a couple of issues during assembly that don't work as described in the manual (like extension alignment) but was able to make it work with some simple mods. I also ran into a blade run out issue that I think I have been able to minimize (see my post under 3650 blade runout). Working on aligning the fence right now. Hopefully by this weekend I will be making sawdust.
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            The Austin Texas Home Depot (Research Blvd.) has a 3650 hidden on the top shelf. The Ridgid hand tools are on display, and the old model stationary tools are on clearance, but no Ridgid table saws, old or new. (I bought my 3612 from the top shelf, so I am used to looking there for the good stuff. If you are waiting for the 3650, you might want to try this store).

            No sense waiting for a display unit to see how something works - this store had the 3612 set up as a 2424 (rails slid left) the entire time they had one on display.