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  • router table extension ideas

    getting ready to design and build an nice router table extension to my 3612. Seemed silly to go with slots in a table to guide a wood fence when there is a perfectly good fence right next tto the extension already (the table saw's fence). Thought it might be cool to attach a machined angle that's notched for the router bits to the fence (see link for proposed idea). trying to decide on the top material. Melamine over MDF, formica over PB, PVC on phenolic...all have benefits and drawbacks. Stuck on coming up with a tough edge material.

    Any ideas are appreciated.

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    My router table is 3/4" phenolic (Garolite grade XX). It was my first time using the stuff. It was extremely easy to work with. Working with it is discussed on a previous post of mine. As for the fence, I also recommend a mdf sacrificial and adjustable face on it. Mine is 3 pieces of 3/4" mdf thick.