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What's up with the HD webpage?

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  • What's up with the HD webpage?

    Thought I would cruise the Ridgid tools online at the HD website...........

    All they list is accessories! Yet they have a DeWalt page. What's up with that?

    Every project I start is a gamble.

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    I agree!! I've expressed my disappointment in the general lack of representation that Ridgid power tools receive.
    Does Ridgid have a Marketing group for their line of power tools? If so, will we be seeing ads seperate from HD, or is this an exclusive "re-seller" agreement?


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      I agree...HD needs to improve the visibility of the Ridgid line - especially online. My local HD recently "cleaned up" the Ridgid section and it looks much better...including re-stocking as they were out of most of the Ridgid tools. I just purchasd the MS1060 at HD and actually had to wait a few days as they were sold out ..this was just last week.

      HD does have exclusive rights to sell Ridgid. After Sears didn't renew their agreement after 40 years with Emerson Tools in '98, HD contacted Emerson to build the Ridgid tool line for them. I'd like to know the length (years) the exclusivity agreement with HD is for. I think it's a great agreement...if only HD would market Ridgid better. I used to see a lot of ads in my Family Handyman...but not for about a year now.

      'Nuff said.....