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Resaw using 14" Bandsaw

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  • Resaw using 14" Bandsaw

    I have a new 14" with 6" riser block band saw equiped with a rip fence. I am using a 3/8" course blade which is properly aligned and tensioned. When I rip 6" soft pine the top cut follows streight but the bottom cut gets off track and I end up with a 6" wedge. How do I get streight cuts for the entire thickness?

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    Sam, I got my Bandsaw last night so I haven't used it yet but it sounds like your lower guides aren't set right or your tension is too weak. I would recheck both. Dan
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      The other thing I would check is the blade. Its been my experience that 95% of cut problems experienced with a band saw are directly related to the blade itself. Make sure your blade has not gotten pushed back, so that the teeth contacted the metal guide blocks. This will knock the set out of the teeth and make it much more difficult to cut with.



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        Thanks for your good information. Each reply was a help and was correct.
        My problem had to do more with the assembly of the table (It was not square with the blade) and the adjusting of the blade guides. After setting and checking the guides several times I found that the loose travel when the thumb screw was untight for adjustment throws the adjustment out whenever it is retightened.
        Again, Thanks for helping this new wood worker.