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    Hello all,
    Well I bit the bullet and bought a Jet DC1100 dust collector this last weekend and most of the gates and elbows but my question is what does everyone use between the gates. I know they say not to run any more flexable tubing than you have to cause it cuts down the air flow but then I thought about PVC but it doesn't fit over the gates and elbows................. OK WOOD GODS SHOW ME THE WAY.

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    On a budget? Use Sewer & Drain PVC pipe (S&D). I would suggest not using glue though. By using self tapping screws you will be able to take it apart should you get a clog.
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      I'm assuming you are wanting to know what would be ideal to run from your DC to each elbow (long radius hopefully) then from each elbow to the gate. If thats the case, you should run the same material as the elbow ie. 5" or 6" diameter metal HVAC conduit. From the gate to the machine you have a choice of using the same stuff and hard mounting it (with custom made) adapters OR using the flexible stuff which may also need adapters. The nice part is many of these adapters are available thru on-line retailers. The goal is: the largest diameter, smoothest wall, conduit for the shortest distance with a minimum of bends.

      Hope this helps

      PS. PVC works just fine for the entire system [img]smile.gif[/img]


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        Well I just talked to the local Woodcraft store and they told me to just use 4"PVC and that I would have to shave a little off the inside to make it fit has anyone done this....If so can you give me any advise.


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          For 4" pvc, Use a Dremmel to remove the inside a litte at a time and get a good, snug fit.


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            I'd also suggest the HVAC ducting. Problem with PVC is that you can get static electricity build-up which can really zap you (something which would not be my first choice around operating ww'ing equipment. Also, very remote chance of dust fire, started by static electricity, but for a home shop, this is more likely from a blow-out in a bag, causing a large plume of dust.


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              I agree with the static electricity problem when using PVC pipe. However, there is a solution to this problem. Install a grounding strip inside the pipe. To do this, use an aluminum tape stretched inside the entire length of the pipe. This may be a 2 person job as the tape must be installed without any wrinkles (to avoid sawdust accumulation). When connecting multiple sections of PVC pipe you must bond the tape between sections by using a bonding wire installed on the outside of the pipe. To do this, drill a hole at the end of the pipe (through the aluminum tape). Install a bolt and a washer on the inside of the pipe (to have good contact with the aluminum tape. On the outside of the pipe, install a nut, bonding wire, then another nut. This makes a good solid terminal to connect to the adjacent pipe. The bonding wire must be installed to preserve the integrity of the grounding system. Ground one end of the system to earth.

              Do not use bare copper wire as it will catch sawdust and quickly build up, clogging the pipe.


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                Hello again,
                Well I got the dust collector all hooked up I ended up going with the 4" PVC. and it worked VERY well it turned out that I didn't have to do any trimming to get the gates to fit, they fit great. I used pvc for everything accept for that gates, all the elbows and Y's that way everything fit together without any tapers catching air on the inside. the only thing that I don't like is having to drop down to 2.5" at the tool I know that's killing my air flow. I will give credit where credit is due, my 6.25hp shop vac did a very good job but it was time to upgrade to the real thing. Thanks to all the input everyone..