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HD 20% Weekend Adventure

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  • HD 20% Weekend Adventure

    As some of you know, i have been eyeballin a planer at HD. (TP1300) Well, with the 20% off sale this past weekend, I finally went for it !!

    Friday AM i go to HD, check out whats on sale and the clerk tells me ( shows me ) a bunch of tools setup on a table near the tool crib. Not in the tool crib , but near it.
    He said that's what's on sale. The table contained a bunch of Ryobi,Skil, and Black & Decker bench and hand tools. Needless to say I was very disappointed.

    When I told my BIL the story later that day, He said there was a lot more on sale then what I was told. So....
    Sunday AM, i head off to HD again. I get there and ask the tool guy if the planer is on sale. He said ,wait, i gotta check. He came back almost immediatly and said yes. .....Yahoo !!!!!..... here i am with $90 in gift cards,( birthday gifts in November) AND the tp1300 is %20 off. Life is good !!! Or, so i thought.

    I go to get the planer and the price is $329 just as it has been for the past 5 or 6 weeks. I have been watchin this item carefully. Okay, drag out the box, it says tp1300 just like the price tag on the floor model.
    So, i send the wife for a cart, and I sit on this puppy. It was the last one there.
    When i get to the register, the girl rings it up at $379 and i go ballistic !!!! The price tag with that model # says $329, I am paying $329 not a penny more. She explains that was the old model, this is the one that is replacin it and it is $379 !! Well......i start get louder and louder and state that the Tag says $329 and if there is any errors, it is with them, not me. The model # on the tag said TP1300......and the Model # on the box said TP1300. I will pay the price on the tag $ more, period. Didn't take long till the "supervisor " came over.
    I explained to him that I have had my heart set on this planer for 5 weeks or more and i have seen that same price the whole time. All at once it shoots up to $379 ???? FOUL, illegal, I will consult my attorney, what kinda bait and switch crap is this ???

    Needless to say he let it go at $329, less the 20% and accepted the gift cards as well. $173.20 total plus tax

    But it gets I was i was gettin ready to leave the tool crib, a few minutes later, the " supervisor " handed me a gift card for another $50 with his sincere apologies. Since i told him the gift cards were for my birthday, i guess he assumed it was my birthday !!!!! He also said he has seen me there a few times before.
    I guess so........table saw and Radial arm saw, Vacum and a bunch of other tools came from there !!

    Anyway, $181.88 includin tax was the total cost.
    Plus a $50 gift card for my " next adventure." [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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    You are one lucky guy. Congratulations to the nice machine and my respect to the HD manager who handled you rampaging retail customer with respect and fairness.
    However, that $50 gift certificate was a little too much LOL

    You'll love the planer, I set mine up last night and can't wait to let the first chips fly.

    Merry Christmas


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      In the doghouse....

      I set mine up Sunday nite.....filled a large barrel full of shavins already. Made a quick doll bench for the wife yesterday. Machine ran well, no problems
      <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a><br /><br />I can fix anything......where\'s the duct tape ?? :-)


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        I purchased a TS3650 from HD as well for the full price of $597 on 12/24/03. Missed the sale. Didn't even know there was one that is untill I joined the Ridgid fourm. As I started the read all the threads about getting a 20 % discount. So on 12/26 I went to the HD where I purchased the saw and talked to the manager but they wouldnt't adjust the price. This weekend I had to drive down the Louisville, KY, so I decided to stop into the HD in Louisville talked to the service desk and whala they price adjusted it right there on the spot no hassel saved me $124+ and since HD exteded there no interest and no payment plan until Jan 2005.I got that as well. Thanks to all of you who posted about the 20% sale, Can't wait to get the TS up and running I'll let you know how it goes


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          I just went through the same thing today. The clerk was extremely unhappy with me but ended up selling it to me for the reduced price. They had one of the older ones sitting there with the $329 price tag with the same model number but wanted $379 for this one.


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            The HD 20% off sale rocked!!!! I first bought the new Ridgid 4pc. 18 Volt set (X2 Drill, Circular Saw, Sawsall, and flashlight).... then I could not pass up additional items.... so I purchased the drill press DP1550 and just got it set up.... awesome!!! Late Sunday (Last day of sale) and 40 mins before HD closed I ran back to HD and picked up the TS3650 and R2500 (The big table saw and 1/4" sheet sander). I spent way too much money but I would have bought the stuff eventually.... so why not now at 20% off..... anyway hats off to Ridgid for the quality of their tools and great support.... I had to call support on one item and the tech was able to walk right over to the tool in his shop and confirm the behavior that I experienced... top notch


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              20% off sale ??

              WOW, this is the first I heard of this. I bought my TS3650 on 12/27/03 and didn't see anything about a 20% off sale and no one mentioned it to me. I will have to go back and find out what's up with this. Was this a nation-wide 20% off or local sale? I'd like to get the TP1300 and this 20% would go towards that purchase.


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                Bob D.
                The 20% sale was the weekend prior to christmas, thats why it wasn't mentioned when you purchased your saw. Keep your eyes and ears open though, if there is another sale within 90 days you should be able to do a paper return and rebuy.
                Enjoy your saw