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HELP-DRILL PRESS-chuck stuck

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  • HELP-DRILL PRESS-chuck stuck

    hi everyone, i have a Rigid floor drill press. i was using it with a large bit about a month ago and when i was done, i loosened the chuck enoughh to drop the bit out and then left it as it was till the other day. so i needed to use it with a small bit, but i was unable to tighten the chuck down to hold the bit. right now the chuck teeth are up inside the chuck and they move a little bit up and down, but then i get to a point where they won't come down any further. i've tried wd40 but it hasn't made much of a difference. what can i do?

    this is the model:


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    Re: HELP-DRILL PRESS-chuck stuck


    I've had the chuck on my 1550 stick a couple of times, usually about mid-way. I don't know it it's a machining problem with internal components or what. My only solution was to work the chuck back and forth until it loosened up.

    I keep my tools very clean, so I doubt that debris would be a problem. Likewise, everything is well-cared for and I know that there is no corrosion either. (I wipe the exterior with a lightweight oil and then bag the chuck when I know it's not going to be used for a few days.)

    About the only thing I can recommend is to look into how close your nearest authorized Ridgid service center is and then give them a call. Perhaps you'll have to remove the chuck and take it to them, for repair or replacement.

    I don't know for sure, but I believe that disassembly of a drill chuck is probably a challenge that most would not want to attempt without the proper equipment. Therefore, I would seek repair or replacement through an authorized service center.



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      Re: HELP-DRILL PRESS-chuck stuck

      take some compressed air and blow up in the chuck, My guess that the large bit may have spun a little leaving some shavings of metal in the chuck, and thus getting into the gearing of the chuck, work it back and forth and see if blowing it out helps any,
      wear EYE protection when used the blow gun,

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        Re: HELP-DRILL PRESS-chuck stuck

        BHD has good ideas.

        As for taking a chuck apart you need a brass sleeve of the proper inside and outside diameter for the chuck, a good hefty arbor press and to know how to go about it. I can tell you right now that unless it is a high quality Jacobs or Rohm true industrial chuck it's not worth it unless you can D I Y. Jacobs and Rohm do have repair kits. My bet is the chuck on a Ridgid drill press is a Chinese copy and you would over time (CWS you too) would really be better off to replace the chuck with a good one and be done with grief for years. The issue is how to get the current chuck off the spindle. I doubt your drill press has a Morse taper socket type spindle so you end up needing chuck removal wedges, a huge pair of Channellock pliers and to drill through the spindle and insert a small (3/16) piece of drill rod. This is a big PITA at best but sometimes it has to be done. If you are lucky there may be a shoulder on the spindle for use with chuck removal wedges. Please both of you look at the chuck and post what you can about the mounting of it. Also lower the spindle all the way down and see if there is a slot through it. If there is, then a drill drift tool will allow you to remove the arbor which your chuck is mounted on. Again, I doubt with all the extra machining to make such a spindle that it would come on a home user drill press. I'm sure BHD knows about this stuff.

        Now as to how to just try and fix your chuck, here goes.

        1. Try using the chuck key to open it up as far as you can without much force.

        2. Blast the insides out with compressed air and do think SAFETY here.

        3. Put newspaper on the drill press table and blast your chuck with lots of WD40 or better yet with spray BLASTER that most auto parts stores sell. KROIL is great but not too easy to get.

        4. Let it soak and then clean up the mess with paper towels and put them in a safe place. Oil soaked paper towels are a fire hazard.

        5. Now using the key try to rotate the chuck collar and move the jaws closed and back open and close and open about 10 times.

        Did this help?

        If not, then a chuck replacement is in order. There are several good options depending on the drill press spindle arrangement and sizes. I don't have and personally won't have a Ridgid drill press. My needs demand more and thus I had to buy more machine. That's not to cut down the Ridgid, but it's not for everyone.

        CWS - I think you can help out here. What info is on the chuck? Does it press fit directly to the spindle or was there an arbor?

        1 = Chuck Arbor
        2 = Drill Drift
        3 = Chuck Removal Wedges - They come in pairs and in several sizes too.

        There are some .PDF files from Jacobs about removal of drill chucks. I would recommend everyone please download and print them out.

        Good luck and please post. We can all help each other out here. I can help you find a good deal on a very nice German ROHM replacement chuck for much less $$$ than a Jacobs industrial and while maybe not quite as good it's a major improvement over the China made chucks on today's equipment.
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          Re: HELP-DRILL PRESS-chuck stuck

          Here is another good .PDF file to have on hand.
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            Re: HELP-DRILL PRESS-chuck stuck

            The TP1550 chuck has a tapered fit and therefore is press fitted into the quill. I believe it's a standard "Morse" taper, but I don't remember the taper number. IIRC it's a #2, but I believe it's marked on the collar, just above the chuck ring. I'm back in Painted Post this week and my shop is down at the Binghamton house. I'll check when I return at the end of the week.

            In any case, the illustrated instructions for removal of the chuck is on page 20 of the owners manual. There is a slot in the quill housing that allows you to insert a tool to facilitate breaking loose the taper's friction fit. I haven't had to do that, but it certainly looks simple enough.

            I hope this helps,



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              Re: HELP-DRILL PRESS-chuck stuck

              I went and downloaded the manuals for both the DP1500 and the newer DP15501 drill presses. Both are as I figured. First off they do not use a morse taper socket spindle. They have a male Jacobs taper on the end and the chuck mounts directly. This is a more simple design. Their idea of tapping on the chuck with a soft mallet isn't too bad other than normally it just doesn't get the job done for removing a chuck. It is worth a try. You want downward and not sideways tapping. A hardwood dowel is helpful too or better yet a piece of brass like a brass drift punch if you have such handy. In my earlier post showing use of chuck removal using wedges that's normally what it takes.

              I recommend what BHD posted as step one. The more serious stuff is when you find the need for a more serious cure.

              Don't anyone quote me, but I think the chuck has a #3 Jacobs Taper mount. I need to see one in person or maybe someone can look their chuck over carefully and post more info.

              Woussko's drill press is not like what the Ridgid ones are like.