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Infeed Extension on TS2400?

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  • Infeed Extension on TS2400?

    Hi All,
    I've been using my TS2400 for about a month now, and it's been a great saw. I love the fence, and the saw is generally very well-made. I also like the fact that it has about 8.5" in front of the blade -- about 2.5" more than competing saws.

    However, I'm wondering about how to get even more space on the infeed. Does anyone have pictures/plans for building some sort of bench or tables that extends the infeed part of the table for a bench-top saw?

    Is this a safe thing to do?

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    I use a Ridgid Flip Top stand for both infeed and outfeed when the need arises. It works great and at $30 is a fairly inexpensive solution.
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      Use the flip top stands. I have had my 2400 for several years now and not seen anything about extention tables. The whole idea with the 2400 is size and portability. Extention tables would defeat this ppurpose.IMHO
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        I do use outfeed support for my 2400 but I am wondering if your quest for infeed support comes from the desire to cut large pieces of sheet goods? IMHO, sheet goods are best reduced using a circular saw before cutting on the 2400. The 2400 does not have the weight or stabiltiy of the larger contractor or cabinet saws so pushing a full sheet of plywood or MDF may cause machine movement which could ruin your cut or compromise safety.

        A cross cut sled is certainly appropriate for better control of wide pieces for cross cutting.

        I have seen these bench top machines built into custom made cabinets. In that case you can decide how much infeed, outfeed, right/left support area you want and build the cabinet accordingly (you would need to address the fence mounting issue first.) However, that defeats the major advantage of the 2400 - portability and storage. With the price of the 2400 at about $500, if you have the room, there are better choies in the contractor saw line. I know if I had the room, I would have opted for a different saw and that in no way is meant to be a negative comment on the 2400 - its just a fact.



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          Yes, I bought the TS2400 because I have limited shop size. I wanted a saw that took up less room but also has a good fence. So I opted for a happy compromise -- the TS2400, which is a top-of-the-line bench-top saw.

          So far, I really like the TS2400. But the one thing I DO NOT like is the mobile base. It's probably great on a job site, but not in a shop. It takes up a lot of room, is difficult to maneuver, and provides no extra storage area.

          I don't use the TS2400 outside my shop. I'm interested in building a cabinet with wheels that would give it more mobility around the shop and also provide storage area for accessories. While I'm at it, I was wondering about adding a little more infeed capacity. That's where the idea for this discussion came from.

          I guess I'm just interested in seeing what kind of creative ideas other woodwokers have come up with to expand their TS2400 table surfaces, or any other bench-top saw for that matter.