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Getting ready to setup my 3612

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  • Getting ready to setup my 3612

    Hi Everyone,

    I finally took the plunge and picked up my TS3612 last week . I'm probably going to start setting it up this weekend. This will be my first mechanical project (I am pretty handy otherwise) and I've looked at most of the threads on this forum regarding tips and tricks on setup.

    I have seen some web sites with step by step pictures of tool assemblies, anything like this exists out there for the 3612? I've read the manual several times already (very well done) but I'm looking for an extra edge. (if this does not exist, I might document the assembly for future owners myself).



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    You mean you waited this long to begin setup? You must have a lot of patience! With a 2424, it took me about a day (I'm a bit slow and this was my first table saw or any major power tool for that matter) for initial setup and then several hours the next day dialing it in. I did not watch the video - just dived in with the manual. It's pretty straight forward. As I recall the legs and the lift assembly were a bit tedious. Enjoy!

    Best regards,



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      Once you have installed the legs, you'll need the help of a friend to assist you in flipping the saw over and standing it up on its legs. It would be a good idea to prearrange a time to do this because once you have mounted the legs you really can't proceed any further until you have the saw in the upright position.
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        The trickiest part is the Herc-u-lift. I'll not attempt to work you thru it, but just prepare yourself for something that seems straightforward, but isn't!



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          Use the search feature here and put in topics like 3612 setup and Herculift and you will find many helpful posts. Good luck, as posted the manual is pretty darn good. The help here and from the Ridgid mothership is fantastic! You have purchased a super product from a super company, happy sawdust making.


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            Thanks for the replies! Unfortunately, I had more work to do in the shop to prepare for the TS and I was not able to start the setup this weekend...

            Thanks for all the advice (I'll watch out for that Herc-u-lift!!!)



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              I just set up my 3612 yesterday and today. The directions told you to put saw on the ground face down and then put the leg assembly on. Thats all well and good but you are going to need some help to turn it upright. I had no help so I just lifted the saw onto the leg assebly and put it together that way.
              Make sure that the fence is parallel to the miter guage track.
              Make sure the fence is parallel to the blade. It tool me about 3 tries to get it within a 64th of an inch. Its not a good time because you have to loosen six nuts and three of them are not easy to get to.


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                I know the feeling.
                Andy B.