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Any Suggestions for MS1290LZ Table?

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  • Any Suggestions for MS1290LZ Table?

    Hey Guys.....Have you seen any plans OR know of any links for building a table for the SCMS? I have a relatively small shop space in the basement and the rear clearance that I need with the saw would cause a wall-mounted table to protrude too far into the shop space I have when not in use. Does anyone have an SCMS table on a slide-away track so that the SCMS and the table / supports can be slid back against the wall when not in use. Am I simply better to mount the SCMS on a square 4 (lockable)- wheeled table and push it out of the way when not needed? Appreciate any advise you can give.
    Chris Berg

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    Here are two ideas that I'm toying with for the same reason:

    1) A fold up/down table that mounts directly to the wall, with a notch for the saw to fit in.

    2) A portable "Miter Saw Center" like the one described in Wood Magazine's "Best Ever Workshop Solutions" (you can get it at Home Depot or any big bookstore). I'm leaning towards this design and adding the ability to put my planer where the chop saw is. I'll then store the planer below and add storage drawers below also. I plan to make it the same height as my mobile workbench (which is just shorter than my table saw) and add an insert where the chop saw goes to create one big flat surface, which can be used for assembly or as an infeed/outfeed table. For the $5 or $6 the issue costs, you'll be hard pressed to find as many neat workshop ideas for the price.

    Good luck!


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      Thanks Yogi!

      Are the plans in the most recent issue? I saw something similar to what you described as a photo in a shop layout, but didnt have a plan.....the jointer fit out of the way underneath under the stock support frame at the one end of the assembly.

      Chris Berg