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How much curve in TS3612 Table top is acceptable?

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    First, does everyone here understand, I don't work for Ridgid, I don't make official statements about Ridgid? I own a couple Ridgid tools, like most of the others here.

    Second, good luck finding any contractor's tablesaw with a truly flat table. If you can't measure where it is out of flat, you probably aren't measuring in the right place. Truly.

    Reconsidering whether participation here is a good idea...


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      I follow a number of forums on a variety of topics and find on each forum a core of particularly knowledgeable participants willing to take the time to help others who need it. I put you in that category - even though my short experience in woodworking may not make me a good judge of anything posted on this forum. So, if you are reconsidering your participation here, I hope your choice is to stay. I, for one, enjoy your posts - and the posts of all the regualars here - and think they are helpful and a real contribution.


      I will end this by just saying this forum is my lifeline to getting my kitchen done with professional results - thanks to all who have helped by answering my questions and thanks to Ridgid for hosting the forum.

      Regarding the warped top - take it back. It's that simple. I have found HD to be good in this area. My saw seems pretty flat and after a year or so on this forum, have never heard a similar complaint. I don't think I would want a saw where the top was curved to the thickness of a CD.

      Best regards,



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        Dave & Jake
        I had not seen Jake post when I posted mine, they were minutes apart.
        I know the value of Rigdig tools I own several including a jointer.
        Dave I did not know who you were , you had pro by you name.
        The only thing that bothered me was the guy said it was visibly unlevel.
        That is not what I get or expect from Rigdig.
        As a business man I undestand where you and jake were coming from, we had never heard it before.


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          Dave and Jake --

          Well, if I had to put up with hasty, ill-considered remarks from some crank like me I would also wonder why I bothered. I hope you realize that your efforts here are truly helpful. You are right, Dave - I read your post without hearing what you said. I jumped to the conclusion that a couple of Ridgid reps were trying to minimize a real problem. I was wrong. Please accept my apologies.
          Tony<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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            Sorry guys to bring up this topic. I didn't realize it was going to cause waves.

            I got a email from Jake with the spec I was looking for and my top does meet the spec the way they measured (corner to corner). But the problem is that if I measure front to back, it's off because the curve on my top is only on the left part of my top (Left of the slot for the miter gauge. The rest of the table is flat.). It's really odd why this is, but I have packaged it back up and will be taking it in for exchange.

            This is my 1st Ridgid tool and I spoke with a few friends that have used Ridgid b4 I purchased it. They all told me Ridgid was very good but all their experiance was with Ridgid's plumbing tools. Well, I havn't lost faith in Ridgid yet so wish me luck that the next one Table is flat.

            BTW, Thank you everyone for your support. And Dave, please do not leave/Not give advice on the forum this of this issue or any other issue.

            - Dae


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              You wrote:

              <<Sorry guys to bring up this topic.>>

              IMHO, I feel no apology is necessary. This forum is a place where you can ask questions, offer advice or air frustrations about woodworking. I see nothing wrong about you bringing up the topic.

              Don't forget that this is a *moderated* forum - not a free for all. It's good to see that Ridgid (Jake) allows negative as well as positive posts about their products.

              Hope your next saw is better. My only regret is that the 3612 was not available when I bought my 2424.

              Best regards,



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                1. Dave: don't go.

                2. All: let us remember that a lot of folks spend a lot of time reading these posts and responding to the ones they think they can contribute to. It works if everyone feels free to ask what questions they have and offer what expertise they have, with no one either taking offense or giving offense.

                3. In the couple of years I've been a part of this, everyone has always exhibited the utmost of good faith and a remarkable lack of the hissiness that characterizes some other fora on the web. I for one hope we can keep it that way.

                4. End of sermon.


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                  I thought that I did have a problem with the "flatness" of my 2412. I called Jake and after we had a talk I understand the whys & hows about "flatness". Jake did say that if i was not happy he would send me a new top. After remeasuring, cuting and measuring I am a HAPPY SAW OWNER Only wish that the "new one" eas around when i bought my 2412. in Florida, Doc


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                    My boss purchased a Rigid contractor's TS last year(Don't know model #), but it came on a folding cart that is really cool and easy to move & set up. The right table top extends out for wider cuts. The fence and miter guage store well onboard. The fence can sometimes be a bugger to get out, but overall I was impressed with the design and performance.
                    Sure beats lugging that old cast iron Craftsman around!



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                      I believe he purchased the TS2400 benchtop saw with the mobile cart. Nice setup.