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Is there dado insert for R4516 ???

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  • Is there dado insert for R4516 ???

    I have just bought the R4516 @ HD but later realized I can not find a throat plate to fit a dado blades. Does anybody have seen them for sale ?
    Appreciate your help.

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    Re: Is there dado insert for R4516 ???

    Here is a link to show you how to make them.
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      Re: Is there dado insert for R4516 ???

      I just ordered one today. I kind of got the runaround to do it. You need to call Garder at (800) 848-8946. The part number is 089037006914. For some reason the model number of that saw and the part number do not show up on any of their online catalogs.

      Cost: About $12 + $8 shipping


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        Re: Is there dado insert for R4516 ???

        Thanks for the dado throat plate source. I picked up a reconditioned 4516 yesterday. Nice package... haven't cut anything yet... but it looks new.

        Saw the part number in the manual... didn't know where to start my quest.

        The manual also says: "... blades and dado sets must not be rated less than the speed of this tool and may have a maximum width of 1/2 inch."

        Understand the RPM part but is it saying the dado can be no bigger than half inch? Like, 3/4 is most common, isn't it?

        Follow-on question... think they make a zero clearance plate? I may need to try to make my own... but as thin as the OEM metal plate is, I don't know if I can figure out how to get a wood plate to fit.


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          Re: Is there dado insert for R4516 ???

          After ordering the dado insert twice and receiving the regular insert instead,I figured out that there was no dado insert available.
          What I did was to keep the last insert that they sent to me and took it to a weld shop. I figured out where the correct position on the insert would be for a 1/2 inch dado(it is very important to be correct on this position) and had the shop cut it out for me.
          I have been using it for 2 months now and it works well.


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            Re: Is there dado insert for R4516 ???

            it's sooooooo easy to make your own. Use your standard plate at a template. Use 1/2" stock. Cut out, sand to fit. Run blade up through the plate. Make several for your most used dado width sizes... go have a beer...


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              Re: Is there dado insert for R4516 ???

              No, I don't believe there is a dado insert. I also have been looking.
              So, I made my own. I bought a "blank" insert (actually several) and laid the original on top and routed out the blank to match the original. You can see a free video of this on - chips