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ts3650 and delta 35-535 dado set

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  • ts3650 and delta 35-535 dado set

    I bought my ts3650 in the 2002-2003 time frame. it has been in storage for a while but since i built my new shop i have been checking the setup of the saw and ran into a concern that i apparently had forgotten about. when i install all the chippers and blades, it seems that i can only thread the arbor nut maybe one or two threads. I can get it tight but i was wondering if anyone out there knew of a problem with the saws manufactured in this time frame with the arbor too short. do you think it would be safe to use it as is? thanks for the help


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    Re: ts3650 and delta 35-535 dado set

    leave the stabilizer washer off. You dont need it with a dado set and then you will have plenty of thread.

    All of us, with the same saw, do it that way and there's yet to be a fatality.


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      Re: ts3650 and delta 35-535 dado set

      rj, are you using the outside blade washer that came with the saw when you stack the dado's? If so maybe you could substitute a thinner washer or just eliminate the washer alltogether. I would'nt feel comfortable with just a couple of threads engaged. Iv'e used my dado's many times without the outside washer when iv'e had to shim the stack out to 7/8".