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  • Glue

    Can someone please recommend a good glue for holding Pine together? I specifically mention Pine as the material type as I am sure there are various glues for various wood types...Thanks!

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    I have a very boring answer for you...Elmer's Carpenter Glue. It's not for everything but it's a good, inexpensive glue for pine. Just make sure that all drips and smears are completely cleaned up before the glue dries. If you don't, the wood will not take stain properly wherever a glue residue exists. This advice is for indoor applications only.

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      Gorilla glue will work very well for joints that may be subject to more stress. It is an expanding glue and will foam up to fill voids. Caution. Soap and water will clean up the glue from hands and tools while the glue is wet. After it's dry you are out of luck. There is no known solvent according to their website. A little bit goes a long way. It sands down very well and can be stained to hide it.


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        I pretty much use Titebond II for most of my wood glueing. Works for both indoor and outdoor applications.
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          Thank you!


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            Any of the plain old carpenter (wood) glues would be my choice. I prefer Titebond II, but have had good results with others as well. It's easy to work with and makes a strong joint.

            The Gorilla glue is a little trickier. The surfaces are supposed to be wetted slightly before applying, and since it expands, it can get messy. If not done correctly the joints can be weak.


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              I'll forego the Gorilla Glue for now...I really don't need to get my hand stuck to my forehead <grin>.

              I'll start with the Elmers and take it from there. Many thanks!