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  • A Question For Bob Dueker

    First of all welcome, its nice to have you here.

    RIDGID like all manufacturers has product that is returned to the factory for one reason or another. This product is refurbished, repackaged and made available for sale again as reconditioned product.

    My question is where is this product offered for resale? Is this solely a HD decision or is product returned to the individual HD store that it came from? I ask because I have never seen any reconditioned RIDGID product at either of the two HD stores near me and I find that rather unusual.

    Thanks, and again welcome.
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    Maybe they distribute them to the stores in the south to save on shipping (this lies on the assumption that they were shipped to the plant in Tennessee to be refurbished), I’ve never seen one in Michigan either.



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      I've seen refurbished machines in all 4 HD's I frequent in Michigan. 3 in Grand Rapids, and 1 in Cadillac. I can't remember if the one in Ludington or Houghton Lake had any. Been awhile since I've been to them stores.

      I think the refurbished one's gets returned to the stores it's returned to. In cadillac, just a few weeks after I returned my drill press, they had a refurbished one. Could be coincedence I suppose.
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        The only machine I see in the manisfield store is the planer.
        Andy B.


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          So you are the other person who shops at HD and gets Rigid tools. I shop there also, they have a very limited stock of Rigid.Actualy the woman who is there most of the time has no clue at all about tools.I go to the HD in Delaware and the ones in Columbus. I was looking for a Rigid TS3612 Dust collector and finally found it there, also they had Dado bits and a dado insert for the saw which I bought.They have more than most HD and they keep it somewhat stocked.
          BTW the store is located on Cleveland ave in Columbus.
          Maybe I wil see you there?
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            I have seen several recon. tools here in Louisville, but they don't tell you they have them. You have to look for yourself and check behind the new stock in the racks. They like to cover them up until the new ones are sold.
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              Thank-you everyone for welcoming to this forum. Jake did a great job and I will try to carry on in his footsteps. To answer the original question - Reconditioned tools are returned to the store they were shipped from.


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                The fact that the reconditioned tools are returned to the original store surely speaks volumes on the quality of RIDGID power tools. As I stated in my original post, I have never seen a RIDGID reconditioned tool for sale at either of the HDs in Madison, WI. I don't know why HD would hide these tools from the public but you can bet I'll be asking about them the next time, probably tomorrow, I'm at the HD.
                I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.